Those who receive the CCNL credential will possess a proven multi-disciplinary understanding of nonprofit leadership. Training traverses all the critical areas of professional practice: executive leadership, resource development, financial management, tax and legal, board governance, people management and care, marketing and communication, and Internet and technology.


Two paths in earning CCNL points – Online and classroom experiences

  • Outcomes Academy Online Modules: Christian Leadership Alliance Online Learning is powered by Azusa Pacific University College, and offers you an innovative new way to build your leadership skills right from your own office or home! Each online module is comprised of 10 hours of in-depth Biblically based learning. Individuals can learn more and register at www.christianleadershipalliance.org/academy.
  • The Outcomes Conference: The key distinctive of this annual leadership-training event is the outcomes-oriented higher thinking we offer you on the most critical issues facing Christian leaders today. CLA offers full-day Intensive seminars, Workshops, and special one-day events, including the CEO Forum and Christian Women in Leadership Forum. Individuals can learn more and register at outcomesconference.org.

When an individual completes all required courses, obtains 100 educational points, and successfully completes a CCNL Capstone Project, they will receive a Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL).

Course Requirements

CCNL - Leadership (Leadership and Board Governance)(20 points)
CCNL - Stewardship (Finance, Tax & Legal, and People Management & Care)(20 points)
CCNL - Relationship (Resource Development, Marketing & Communications, and Internet & Technology)(20 points)
Total of 60 points

The remaining 40 points may be earned via other online modules or through participation in the learning experiences offered at The Outcomes Conference - CLA’s annual leadership training event.

The Online Academy and Outcomes Conference Point System:

PointsLearning Experiences
20Outcomes Academy Online Module
Up to 40The Outcomes Conference Three-Day Learning Experience
Up to 28The Outcomes Conference Two-Day Learning Event

CCNL Capstone Project (effective March 1, 2016):

Upon completion of the 100 credits required for a CCNL credential, all CCNL program participants will be required to complete a CCNL Capstone Project which will be reviewed by the CCNL Capstone Review Council. Once a CCNL Capstone Project is approved, program participants will be awarded a CCNL credential, connoting their professional acumen in Christian nonprofit leadership.

CCNL Capstone Project is required for those entering CCNL program after March 1, 2016. It is also recommended for those currently in pursuit of a CCNL Credential.

The CCNL Capstone Project is designed to display the competence of individuals, having completed their CCNL studies, for multi-disciplinary leadership of Christian nonprofit organizations. The CCNL Capstone Project will be a 2,000 to 3,000 word “90-Day Plan” for leading a Christian nonprofit organization.

The CCNL Capstone Project draws upon coursework completed, particularly the three required CCNL modules: CCNL Leadership (Leadership/Board Governance), CCNL Relationship(Communications & Marketing/Internet & Technology/Resource Development) and CCNL Stewardship (Financial Management/Tax & Legal/People Management and Care).

CCNL Capstone Project assignment details will be provided to participants upon completion of their 100 required CCNL credits.

Prerequisites to enrollment in the CCNL Program:

Any applicant with five years of for profit or nonprofit leadership experience is welcome to enroll. If an applicant has less than five years, admittance will be evaluated based on the following criteria by the CCNL Administrator:

  • Years of for profit or nonprofit leadership experience
  • Academic accomplishment and degrees
  • Board Service
  • Volunteer/missions service

Christian Leadership Alliance's CCNL Administrator will qualify each individual for enrollment into the CCNL program.

Upon qualifying, each participant will receive personal guidance on planning his or her coursework schedule and learning experiences.


Enrollment Fee:

  • $259.00 Alliance Members/$459.00 Non-Members
  • Alliance Members receive discounts on all educational programs that earn CCNL credits. Go to www.christianleadershipalliance.org/membership to review the wide range of benefits, discounts and resources as a part of being a CLA Member.

Initial CCNL Enrollment Period is valid for three (3) years. If individual has not obtained their 100 (credential) points prior to the expiration of their enrollment, a re-enrollment fee will have to be paid in order to continue and complete the CCNL Program.

Christian Leadership Alliance does not “bank” CCNL points for any courses taken prior to the beginning of the Initial Enrollment Period or before the Renewal Period begins. The CCNL Enrollment/Renewal Fees are separate from the cost of registration fees for all courses. CCNL Enrollment/Renewal fees are non-refundable.


CCNL Renewal:

A CCNL Credential must be renewed every three (3) years following original date of credentialing. Approximately twelve (12) months prior to the expiration of your CCNL Credential (the "Renewal Period"), Christian Leadership Alliance's Administrator will notify you and send you a credential re-enrollment form.

You may begin accruing points towards your re-credential upon completion of the form and payment of a $99 re-enrollment fee. To receive your re-credential, you must earn 40 points prior to the expiration date of your original CCNL credential (during the Renewal Period).


Important CCNL Renewal Notes:

CCNL Modules - Anyone renewing their CCNL who has not yet taken the multi-disciplinary CCNL Relationship, Leadership and Stewardship modules, must choose from among those modules for renewal points. (Those who have taken those modules as a part of their original CCNL credential may choose from any modules for their renewal points.)

Make Your CCNL Count for More at York College!

Now your CCNL now counts for more through Christian Leadership Alliance's relationship with York College. Anyone who has completed the current CCNL requirements and has a bachelor's degree in any discipline, is now eligible to enroll in York College's program to earn a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. Your CCNL counts as six credits towards this 36-credit program. Designed to accommodate professionals, this degree is earned completely online.

For additional information about the CCNL program and the York College opportunity, contact Heather Martin at (949) 487-0900, ext. 118 or email heather.martin@christianleadershipalliance.org