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The Double Bottom Line By Mark L. Vincent

There is more to the story when you focus on your double bottom line. So many nonprofits forget to use the presentation of their financials as a means to inspire and highlight the double bottom line. They opt, instead, to merely report. This is especially true of association systems—organizations that have chapters, affiliates, congregations, franchises,…

Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: ECFA

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries by establishing and applying Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™ to accredited organizations. Dr. Johnathan Kraus at Love Never Fails International shared, “Our dream was to bear the ECFA seal to demonstrate to donors that we are…

Charitable Giving By Dr. Gary Hoag

Charitable Giving at Year-End Since the signing of the War Revenue Act of 1917 – exactly 100 years ago – Americans have used the provision in the income tax code known as the charitable gift deduction to maximize their contributions as a portion of income. This provision leads many people, especially those in higher tax…

What Fuels Charitable Intermediaries? By Tony DiFranco

Corporate Citizenship Fuels Charitable Intermediaries Over the past decade, there has been an enormous increase in the number of companies engaged in charitable-giving initiatives as they strive for a reputation of an organization that gives back to its communities. Many credit the rise in corporate citizenship to the millennial generation. Corporate donations translate into goodwill,…

Outcomes for Leaders Like You

The Outcomes Conference 2018 is for leaders like you. Christian leaders, like you, are radically transforming lives in this country and around the world. We know the challenges you face each day are great, but believe the power of God at work in and through you is infinitely greater. We know that all things work…

Top. Middle. Bottom. By Mark L. Vincent

Top |Middle |Bottom | Steward Leaders of the Whole Top Line. Middle Line. Bottom Line. Do you have a working definition of each? Does your team members share those definitions? Do you see yourselves as the stewards of them all, even though you may have a favorite? Do you recognize the harm that could be…

Debts to Dump By Dr. Gary Hoag

  The Debts to Dump and One to Keep On a recent trip to Mongolia I gained a new insights about debts.  I had the privilege of spending a few nights out on the land in a “ger,” which may be more commonly recognized by its Russian equivalent, the “yurt.” It’s basically a large round…

Outcomes Academy: Time for Online Fall Registration 2017

Let Fall be your season of professional growth! Fall is in full swing and there is no better time for you to get into your professional back-to-school rhythm. Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) presents its Fall 2017 Outcomes Academy – Online line-up.  CLA Leaders are committed to lifelong learning and going the extra mile to do…

A King’s Coin By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

A king’s coin offers us kingdom perspective. In the ancient world Caesar’s coin promised privilege, access. The image of Caesar was stamped on currency. It was his image, which gave a coin its value and weight. Caesar’s coin was an extension of his power. It fortified his empire. It secured his reach. Under Caesar’s rule,…

What's Impact Got to Do With It?

Impact has a lot to do with you. Faith-based nonprofits have visions and missions that guide the ‘why and how’ of their desired impact. If you serve in one, then perhaps you already recognize the significance of your leadership and your personal impact when it comes to achieving the ministry’s mission. United  Christian Leadership Alliance…


What is CLA?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.