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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: CapinCrouse

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: CapinCrouse CapinCrouse, knows you need more than services — you need insight and real-world solutions that fit your organization. Nonprofit organizations are under ever-increasing pressure, from increased public scrutiny and competition for resources to ever-changing regulatory, legal, and financial accounting requirements. To accomplish your mission of changing lives, it’s…

The Upside of Downturns By Larry Gadbaugh

Is there upside of the downturn you are facing? Downturns get our attention. What do you do when God calls you to expand your outreach, and your resources shrink? First Image (Pregnancy Resources of Portland) was on track for increasing the number of people we were serving throughout our city when the economy sprung a…

Balancing Intuition and Strategy By Lee Ellis

Balancing the Gifts of Leadership Intuition and Strategy I’m observing an interesting leadership trend regarding intuition and strategy that deserves some deeper reflection. In our western culture, leaders are generally driven by data and metrics in daily decision-making. The other side of the leadership equation, though, is a leader’s abstract intuitive skills. Albert Einstein discovered…

Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Douglas Shaw & Associates

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member Spotlight: Douglas Shaw & Associates Douglas Shaw & Associates partners with ministries to help them acquire new donors and effectively communicate their voice and messaging, helping ministries raise more funds. Through their Donor-Focused Strategic Marketing approach, they help ministries build strong relationships with their donors through every channel including…

The Day I Stopped Fundraising By Zenet Maramara

Stop Fundraising! I was a fundraiser for Asian Theological Seminary in Manila for ten years. I began that job at the time when the American-founded seminary began to nationalize its leadership and faculty after twenty years. It made sense that funding needed to be nationalized also and to start local fundraising. I had no formal…

Leaders, why are you here?

Why Are You Here? By Alex McElroy

Leaders, do you know why you are here? Some leaders are overconfident about their leadership ability. Some leaders don’t know how to access their leadership ability. All leaders need to ask themselves the question: why am I here? Whether you’re leading a workshop, ministry, corporation, team, family, or men’s club you should always know why…

Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Ten Talents Partners

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Ten Talents Partners Ten Talents Partners is passionate about serving non-profit organizations committed to bringing hope to a broken world. Their team’s collective experience in leading large, complex organizations support a unique consulting practice that can help your non-profit fulfill its mission. Their non-profit consulting services are ideally suited for…

Leadership and Prayer By Howard Rich

Leadership Requires Prayer Prayer was an integral part of Jesus’ life and ministry.  His disciples saw him praying often and even asked Him to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1-4). The Lord’s Prayer, found in both Luke’s Gospel and the Gospel of Matthew, is a perfect example of the equipping relationship Jesus had with those…

What Questions Should You Ask Your Audience

Asking All the Right Questions By Dan Kennedy

What Questions Should You Ask Your Audience? Asking the right questions is important if you want to get the answer you most need. If you walked into a restaurant and they immediately served you a ham sandwich and gave you the bill, what would you say? You’re not a ham-hater, but what if you were…

Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: ENVOY FINANCIAL

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: ENVOY FINANCIAL For almost three decades, Envoy Financial has specialized in the unique retirement needs of churches, missionaries, and other faith-based organizations. Envoy offers cost-effective plans for both individuals and organizations so no one in ministry is unprepared for their future. Envoy’s open architecture platform allows access to over…


What is CLA?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.