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Equipping Leaders to Advance Kingdom Outcomes



Resources and experiences that advance operational excellence from a Christian worldview



Leaders investing in leaders to spur on good works and promote collaboration




A shared desire to seek, know, and lead aligned with the perfect will of God


"Convener and catalyst, Christian Leadership Alliance is bringing thought leadership, practical resources, inspiration and provocation in the right mix to equip Christian leaders today and into the future."


- Christine Talbot, SVP Human Resources, World Vision US

APRIL 7-9, 2020


The Outcomes Conference brings together Christ-centered  leaders from across the country and around the world for the most comprehensive leadership equipping event of the year.  Leaders experience professional development, community collaboration, and God-inspired motivation to run their race with excellence.



"I cannot tell you how incredible the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference has been in my professional development journey. It is good when God’s people dwell together in unity and that is exactly what happens each and every year at Outcomes. It is a can’t miss event for me! "


- Mollie Yoder, Membership Director, The Pocket Testament League

Alliance Experiences

Leaders participate in comprehensive shared learning experiences that advance operational excellence from a Biblical worldview.

These 10-week online learning experiences increase knowledge and expand competency in core disciplines.

These covenant peer advisory groups equip C-level executives to excel in all areas of stewardship.

The CORE pathway is for leaders who don’t want to just be great leaders, but ones who lead like Jesus.

The CCNL is a multi-disciplinary program for those called to serve in executive nonprofit leadership.

CLATV: Internet TV & Radio

CLATV is how Christian Leadership Alliance uniquely offers leaders 24/7 access to Christ-centered video and radio programs. Featuring more than 100 Christ-centered thought leaders, this curated learning experience exists to inspire and encourage your spiritual and professional growth.


“High quality training with opportunities to realize practical results for my ministry. The challenge is in determining which of the great ideas to implement first!”


~ Carl Dawson, CEO, His Healing Hands