Fall 2021 Term

Registration Deadline: September 20, 2021
Modules Begin: September 27, 2021

Enrollment fees per module:

  • $399 for members
  • $599 for non-members


Lead Like Jesus

This module is designed to help the participant learn what is needed to develop the heart, head , hands and habits of a great leader with Jesus as the model. The readings, videos, and other materials are designed to help the participant uncover what might be keeping him/her from realizing full leadership potential while helping develop those skills and habits needed to become a leader who leads like Jesus. Lead Like Jesus' definition of leadership says that "anytime you influence the thinking, behavior or development of another person you are engaging in leadership." So whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a teacher, a CEO, an administrative professional, an electrician, a nurse, a coach or church leader, you are influencing the lives of others and that makes YOU a leader! *This is a required course for an Outcomes Leadership CORE Certificate....
Faculty: Scott Brown, CCNL - Vice President, Leadership Experiences & Resources, Christian Leadership Alliance
Category: Executive Leadership

Last Day to Register: September 20, 2021
Module Start Date: September 27, 2021

Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Talent

This module will equip you to strategically acquire and retain the talented people your nonprofit organization needs. It will help you to develop and maintain a defined talent acquisition lifecycle process. It will explore talent sourcing in today’s dramatically changing labor market, and how to recruit across generations and disciplinary backgrounds. Planning well is critical, and this module explores target planning that employs an aligned biblical framework for talent acquisition and targeting. It also examines critical HR issues like rewards, incentives and the importance of shared cultural values, as they are vital supports to employee performance and retention. Ultimately, a strong talent acquisition and retention program should result in high performance and continuous improvement throughout the organization.
Faculty: Joelle Peelgren - Founder/Principal, DeGenaro Peelgren Associates
Category: People Management & Care

Last Day to Register: September 20, 2021
Module Start Date: September 27, 2021

Understanding Your Target Audience

In marketing, intimately knowing your target audience — who they are, how they think, what they value - is paramount to an organization’s success. In this module, participants will learn the importance of identifying the differences that exist between their various audience segments and how these differences should influence their marketing strategies. We will examine key marketing segmentation principles. We will also explore the key differences between the generations, and discover key trends impacting all Christian nonprofits....
Faculty: Michelle Beckham-Corbin - MBA- Director of Marketing & Communications, American Heritage Girls, Inc.
Category: Marketing & Communications

Last Day to Register: September 20, 2021
Module Start Date: September 27, 2021

CCNL Leadership

The module is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of what is required for God-honoring personal, organizational and board leadership. Creating a roadmap, this module lifts a leader to higher thinking about the role of executive leadership and how senior leaders influence others, the organization, the board and those the organization exists to serve. This module is required for all those participating in the CCNL program. (Three sessions in Leadership; two sessions in Board Governance)...
Faculty: Tami Heim - CCNL, President/CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance
Category: CCNL

Last Day to Register: September 20, 2021
Module Start Date: September 27, 2021