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3 Essential Components of a High Performing Ministry Website

BlogCLA.CLAWebsiteBy Maurilio Amorim

What if the entire scope of your ministry had to be done online?

The question is not as far fetched as one might imagine. In fact, it’s one that Christian Leadership Alliance had to ask. With today’s ever-evolving technologies, an online presence is not just a ministry tool; rather, it is the ministry itself. Because of The A Group’s deep respect for CLA as a unique resource to equip Christian leaders with Biblically-based training, a partnership was forged to develop a top-notch website as a strategic step toward an integrated digital strategy.

Dynamic Platform

CLA’s new site was developed on The A Group’s  ministry-based content management platform, created specifically to meet the needs of ministries, churches and nonprofits. It’s nimble, powerful, expandable, and it plays well with other systems, meaning CLA didn’t have to abandon their existing membership and events technologies to get a state-of-the art site. CLA’s new site is fully integrated with their old systems, eliminating the need for duplicate entry or a poor experience when visitors move to an off-site, unbranded system environment for some functions.

Easy Administration

For many ministries, CLA included, the person making the decision to develop a new site is not the same person who will work with it day in and day out. This platform makes it easy for administrators with a range of technical knowledge to manage and update the site after launch. Additionally, this powerful system allows controlled access across multiple user levels, from simple data entry and content editing to complete access to the code on any given page. CLA’s new site allows the staff, and even volunteers, to manage and grow every aspect of the site as well as create new micro-sites, landing pages and even full online marketing campaigns.

Engaging User Experience

While The A Group begins every site, including CLA’s, with clean, visually compelling and demographically-focused design, we also believe the best websites have more than meets the eye. It is behind-the-scenes where the magic begins to create a a great user experience through powerful content, easy navigation, social media integration, and easy donation options. Next time you begin the process of redesigning your ministry site, do yourself a favor and spend time designing your entire ministry online.

Instead of just creating a prettier home page, be intentional about the platform you select. Ensure your website is easy for your team to manage. And finally, give for your visitors a simple, elegant and engaging experience. Bring those three essential components together and you’ll develop a digital strategy that will significantly enhance your ministry and its impact.

Check out the new CLA website today and share your feedback here!


Maurilio Amorim is the CEO of The A Group, a marketing and technology firm in Brentwood, TN.

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