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12 Most Common Questions about the CLA Online Academy

The Spring quarter is rapidly approaching for the CLA Online Academy that is powered by Azusa Pacific Online University and sponsored by ECFA. This dynamic online menthod to of learning makes leadership development easy and accessible.

Here are some of the most often asked questions about the CLA Online Academy:

1. What is a module? A module is an online class. A module is ten weeks long in duration. Each module is divided into five sessions.

3. What is a session? Sessions are how a course module is broken down throughout the ten-weeks. Each session is two weeks long so participants in the CLA Online Academy have a full two weeks to complete all the work contained in that session.

4. What does each session consist of? Each session consists of the following activities:

  • Inspirational reading
  • Reading Assingments (from required outlined at the start of each module)
  • Presentation (power point type presentation, some with audio/ video components)
  • Discussion with other particpants and facilitated by CLA Online Academy faculty (chat room type format)
  • Reflection paper in response to a faculty directed assignment (assignments due at the conclusion of each session)

5. Will I receive points towards my CCNLWith completion of an online module, 20 points are given towards your CCNL.

6. After I am registered, when will I receive log in details from CLA? Detailed tutorials and log in information will be emailed to each participant the 6eek after registration is closed.

7. What are the requirements for completion of a module? Submission of all five reflections at the end of each session is required. Participation in all five session discussion forums, with a minimum of three times within each session is required. Discussion forums close at the end of each session.

8. How will I be graded? At the completion of the module, each participant will be given a complete or incomplete grade. If the participant has fulfilled the requirements for the reflections and discussions, a complete will be given.

9. Do I need to purchase my own required reading books or will they be given to me? You are responsible for acquiring your own required reading material. Some modules only require articles that can be found online, some require books to be purchased. Please check the module outline.

10. What is the estimated time that it will take to participate in a module? Approximately 1 to 2 hours per week is estimated for participation, including reading,

11. When do we log in to view the presentations? Is there a set time? There is no set time. Each two week session you may log in at your own convenient time. The presentation will be there ready for viewing.

12. When is the next session and what will be offered? The CLA Online Academy runs once a quarter during the months of January, March, June, and Septembrer. Every quarter there are modules offered in seven core areas of study.

The next session begins on March 31, 2014

Registions closes on Monday, March 24, 2014

Here is what is happening for Spring. Be sure to check out the NEW modules offered for the first time through the CLA Online Academy:

Board Governance

Executive Leadership

Financial Management

Internet & Technology

Marketing Communications

Resource Development


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