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The Outcomes Conference: Day 2

Christian Leadership Allaince

The Outcomes Conference: CLA Dallas 2015

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. ~ James 4;14

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What People Are Saying

@hope_unveiled Just feel like I touched the hem of His garment in worship with Anthony Evans. My heart is recharged! #Outcomes15 #worshipwhenyoudontfeelit

@lugraf56 We ARE the generation of the great commission. W. Wilson #Outcomes15

@geohil “The average church in America will spend 96% on itself. We are not making the right investments.” @CLALeader #Outcomes15 #evangelism

@TamiHeim The gifts we’ve been given are to serve others. – Ken Starr #Outcomes15

@jasoncoffey Employees able to use their strengths at work are 3x’s more likely to report a high quality of life.  Ken Starr #Outcomes15 #strengthsfinder

@robcizek RT @geohil: “The ultimate job of the leader is to create more leaders, not more followers.” @TimElmore @CLALeader #Outcomes15

@geohil “We can get so focused on the program or product that we can forget the purpose of the organization.” @TimElmore #Outcomes15

@seeds0wer Prayer changes everything! Practice the habit of prayer for your colleagues, family, and community.

@PSean “Being motivated to change is more important than knowing how to change” –Margaret Fitzwater #Outcomes15 @CLALeader

@AndreaRHowey Timing is important. Stay on assignment. Who knows, but that you’ve been chosen for such a time as this. #Outcomes15 @CLALeader

Key Highlights

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Day 2 of the Outcomes Conference, both in-person and online. Wednesday was filled with a wide range of educational opportunities, with a variety of workshops in the morning and afternoon, forums for our CCNL participants and a day-long CEO forum, bringing together leaders of some of the top ministries to share, learn and grow. It’s such a privilege to have experts in so many different areas of business and leadership come together to educate and equip ministry to further the Gospel.

Walt Wilson, founder of Global Media Outreach, and Judge Ken Starr led our morning general session today, discussing technology and finding your strengths. Wilson shared how his organization is using technology to share the Gospel all over the world, and encouraged fellow leaders to understand God’s heart for the advancement of His Kingdom and how to use the tools of the time to do that. Judge Ken Starr spoke on the importance of discovering our strengths and serving where we’re best used by God. Great leaders can help strengthen their entire organization by making this part of their culture and engaging employees with their mission.

We also left plenty of time on Day 2 for networking and making connections. Attendees enjoyed a free afternoon and evening with the Exhibit Hall open, complimentary refreshments, and a free showing of For the Life of the World during CLA movie night. One of the most amazing parts of the Outcomes conference is the way it brings so many thought leaders together to share, connect, build relationship and serve together. We know God is doing amazing things in the Kingdom as He brings people together to collaborate and serve.

We can’t believe there is just one more day of Outcomes 2015, but we’re so excited for what it has in store! Keep sharing and following along on social media and on our live stream (


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