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The Outcomes Conference 2016: Day Two

Chritian Leadership AllianceThe Outcomes Conference 2016 – Day Two

The theme of this year’s conference is PERSPECTIVES. It’s a leader’s perspective that breathes life into a ministry’s mission and vision. This year Christian Leadership Alliance explores how the past, present, and future work together to influence the being and doing of leadership.

Event Highlights

Day 2 was another incredible day of learning at the 2016 Outcomes conference! Our morning kicked off with worship by Kelly Minter and a rockstar lineup of speakers — Peter Greer, Doug Nuenke and Rich Stearns — who encouraged and challenged us to have God’s vision for the world as we look ahead to the future. Throughout the day, attendees gathered in workshops and breakout sessions, covering topics such as executive leadership, board governance, people management and care, marketing and technology, financial management, resource development, tax and legal and other critical leadership topics.

As we explore the idea of perspectives and the future of our ministries, we’re encouraged to see so many incredible leaders sharing their knowledge and learning and growing together. We pray God will bless each one of you as you faithfully and wisely seek knowledge to further expand His Kingdom!

What People Are Saying

@pauljsohn Day 2 of conference has started! Can’t wait to hear from amazing leaders including

@StanKeithHC “I’d rather have Jesus” sung in Portuguese – such a great reminder that He is ALL we need. Live from

@MarkWGaither Connecting with hundreds of other believers who are devoted to pushing back darkness and changing the world for Jesus Christ.

@LeaderLift Thinking about the end makes us adjust how we live today. Peter Greer

@lugraf56 Our story needs to be about faithful commitment to Jesus Christ. Peter Greer

@DaveLacy Mission drift is all around us. 2/3 of ministries here today will not keep their core beliefs for next 40 yrs.

@TamiHeim We need to look to the past to understand the direction of the future. We must stay mission true. –

@kristitatro Time & time again, God uses ordinary people for His extraordinary purpose

@HelpHopeHealing President of World Vision, Rich Stearns . We are called to see the world as God sees it

@dawsfive Are you getting your views from Fox or scripture?

@KellJarvis ‘God did not call us to build an institution. He called us to build a revolution.’ –

@lorineffsd “Every org tells a story. What story are you telling?”

@deazee13 If our loving Father has handpicked us for our task, who are we to whisper, “I can’t do this”?

@TLGooch Having a blast and learning a lot at CLA in Dallas.

@pauljsohn I’m in Dallas, TX at the conference. You should come next year. One of the best conferences I’ve been to.

We hope you’ll tune for our final day of Outcomes 16 – in person or via social media! Thank you to everyone for joining the conversation and creating great dialogue, both in person and across the world.


What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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