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The Outcomes Conference 2016: Day Three

Christian Leadership Alliance

The Outcomes Conference 2016 – Day Three

The theme of this year’s conference is PERSPECTIVES. It’s a leader’s perspective that breathes life into a ministry’s mission and vision. This year Christian Leadership Alliance explores how the past, present, and future work together to influence the being and doing of leadership.

Event Highlights

Day 3 of Outcomes 2016 – whew, where do we even begin? What a powerful day this was, as all the lessons learned this week culminated in life-changing messages, God-ordained connections, sweet fellowship, beautiful worship and the chance to connect with God and see where He is leading us. This conference is about more than just learning; it’s a chance to come before the throne of God and seek where He is leading. And as it always seems to happen on our final day, we are left not just with knowledge, but a commission.

The morning began with compelling talks from Michael Oh of the Lausanne Movement and Constance Padmore of the International Justice Mission. Oh shared incredible statistics about the world’s unreached people groups and powerfully reminded us of our obligation to the Great Commission and the power of the Gospel – not just in the lives of the unsaved but as it daily transforms our lives. Padmore emphasized the importance of prayer in ministry, intentionally stopping and listening to God, and letting Him – not our own strategies – guide our leadership. This theme of prayer continued as Scott interviewed a panel of leaders from several incredible ministries about how prayer plays a role in their work and organizational culture.

After a day of more important workshops and learning, Dr. Larry Acosta of Urban Youth Workers Institute spoke at our closing banquet, challenging the leaders of today to get back to their missional roots, to finish well and to pour into the next generation. Rather than resisting the changing culture, he invited us to embrace the shifts and gifting of Millennials, sharing our gifts and knowledge with them so they may be equipped to lead. He closed his message by inviting two young men he has mentored, Adrian Greer and Gabriel Zamora, to share how God transformed their lives and what they want from older leaders in their lives. Finally, the evening ended with the older generation praying over emerging leaders 33 and under, in a beautiful and powerful moment that truly showed the Body of Christ at work.

While we are sad to see another year end, we are so excited to see how God uses you as you go back out to your ministries, equipped and fueled to carry out God’s call. Thank you for being with us and making our 40th year so special. We pray you leave refreshed, encouraged and ready for mission!

What People are Saying

@kristitatro It’s a spiritual battle on our hearts that block true culture change in organizations #Outcomes16

@p_SCN Stress is often born out of unbelief: adopting a lie about self or God. #Outcomes16

@LisaBirdMcLean Stories make us lean in. Stories activate more of the brain than facts&figures -Elizabeth West #allaboutGod #outcomes16 @TheICCseal

@bjbechtel “The last chapter of your leadership life is what everyone will remember about your leadership.” #Outcomes16

@KarenZeigler Love doesn’t make wagers. #Love doesn’t stack the deck. @davidbpoetry #Outcomes16 #openingsession #spokenword

@MarkTjernagel @davidbpoetry make biblical truth come alive. Who knew a CFO could like poetry? #Outcomes16

@NancyReese 90% of those who share the gospel have been Christians for less than 3 years. @ohfamily #Outcomes16

@vicki_dr He’s called us to reach the lost; every nation, tribe and language. They will know that we are His by our LOVE.

@pauljsohn “The task remaining is huge, challenging, and intimidating – but, God wins, God wins!” ~ @ohfamily #Outcomes16

@faithworks4you Domestic opportunities to reach the unreached: STUDENTS – Impact these nations through students studying in the US. #Outcomes16 @ohfamily

@gwbertsch “We will never master the Gospel. We must be mastered by the Gospel.” – @ohfamily #Outcomes16 @CLALeader

@jgelliott62 “Find out what’s on God’s heart … and then pray it.” – @ConniePadmore @CLALeader #Outcomes16

@IMErinBranham “Elijah didn’t move without hearing a word from the Lord. That was the norm. He waited.” – @conniepadmore #Outcomes16

@TamiHeim #outcomes16 Embrace your missional roots. – @UYWILarry

@dawsfive Sometimes believe comes before you pray, sometimes believe comes because you pray #Outcomes16

@mary_gunther When did we begin to feel that we had to be superwoman. Your cape is dirty and everyone is mad at you. Learn to pray, Help. #Outcomes16

@DaveLacy I can hear you speak but all I see is your idiosyncrecies and not your gift. Gabe (A young leader asking for true mentorship) #Outcomes16

@DrRichKidd I’ve done my best to read all your books. But what I want is for you to let me in behind the curtain. Mentor me. #Outcomes16 @UYWILarry

@mokepf7 At the #Outcomes16 and @UYWILarry and co. are crushing it on stage. Thank you so much. – A Millennial

@Crystal_GMF Meeting some great people in ministry… Awesome to hear all that the lord is doing around the world! Great work @CLALeader!#Outcomes16

@mary_gunther Body and soul refreshed at #outcomes16. Wow. Hyatt has been amazing in food and service.

@davidbpoetry Great closing night with @CLALeader. It’s been an amazing honor to be able to share with such amazing leaders.

@lugraf56 The age 33 and under. The up and coming leaders who need us seasoned leaders. Be there! #Outcomes16

@pauljsohn I’ve been to a plethora of conferences. @CLALeader is one of the best when it comes to practicality & accessibility to leaders. #outcomes16


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