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5.26.16 CLA Webcast – Finding and Engaging Major Donors


Discover what you need to know about finding and engaging major donors.

Every ministry organization hopes to appeal to and connect with major donors, and NCF – Heartland President/CEO, William High will share how the CLA upcoming Webcast, “Finding and Engaging Major Donors.” He’ll reveal:

  • The five types of sales performers and which one is most effective.
  • How to identify major donors, the issues they face, and the interaction they’re seeking from your organization.
  • How you can become a person of insight.
  • How to leverage multiple marketing touch points to ensure major donors can find you!

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About the Presenter

William High is the President and CEO, National Christian Foundation – Heartland. He works with families, individual givers and financial advisors, sharing the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. Much of that work includes advising on issues of income tax planning, business sale planning, real estate and estate planning. Bill assists families in documenting their family vision and creating mission statements.

Bill is also the founder of, a fundraising software company serving the non-profit community. provides an online marketing solution for non-profits to market and receive gifts of all kinds, including cash, text, credit card and non-cash gifts. He is also the founder of Christian Foundation Grants, a member based service available to Christian non-profits and churches.

Bill is the President of Generous Life, a legacy consulting organization with the aim of making generosity generational. He is also a published author and conference speaker. He is the general editor of Grants and More for Christian Ministries, and a contributing author to Why the Conservative Mind Matters. He is currently working on three books soon to be published: Stories of the Generous Life, Revolution in Fundraising and The 7 Generation Legacy.

About the Sponsor

CLA appreciates the generous support of its sponsor, The National Christian Foundation (NCF). Every day, the team at the NCF serves generous givers just like you with creative solutions, like-minded relationships, and an online giving experience like no other.With God’s grace and provision, they are mobilizing billions of dollars for the churches and ministries doing His work around the corner, and around the world. Learn more at

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