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6.30.16 CLA Webcast: Producing Catalytic Board Change

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Are you suffering from “board pain?”  Dr. Sid Webb, draws on his years of experience dealing with hundreds of board situations. In this month’s CLA webcast you’ll learn practical tips on how to produce lasting, positive change:

  • The structural, personal, operational and behavioral aspects that contribute to board tension and cohesion
  • The important roles stewardship and responsibility play in your board’s success
  • How to move from conflict to healthy communication
  • Practical solutions for the biggest board problems of all

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  • Category: Board Governance

CLA is dedicated to providing higher thinking for today’s Christian leader, and these one-hour monthly Webcasts are one of the great ways we connect you with some of today’s most insightful Christian thought leaders. Anyone can attend for the live running of the webcast for FREE. CLA members enjoy on demand-access to the CLA Webcast library 24/7.About the Presenter

More About the Presenter

Dr. Sid Webb, President of Sharpened Focus LLC, is an expert in board development and nonprofit best practices with 35 years of experience in starting and leading nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Webb believes that healthy board governance is vital to organizational success, but many boards are disengaged and confused about their duties. Their meetings are often unproductive. He knows that we don’t have to live with such dysfunctionality, so he conducted his doctoral research on the duties of nonprofit governing boards. He then launched Sharpened Focus LLC to help nonprofits strengthen their structures and impact, especially regarding governance.

Sid has decades of seminar leader experience with international organizations, including Walk Thru the Bible and the Christian Leadership Alliance. He has developed nonprofit best practice sessions around the world to help them with board development, fundraising, strategies, business plans, transition plans, and communication. At the Christian Leadership Alliance national conference in Dallas (April 2015) he will lead two days of training on how to produce catalytic board change.

Dr. Webb has worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Every Home for Christ, Greater Europe Mission, India EHC, the South Asia Institute of Theology, Advanced Global Coaching, YWAM Boston, On Point, Care for Pastors, Youth Haven Ranch, and a variety of pregnancy centers. His work has taken him to Central and South America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Dr. Webb also is the founder of CoreFoundations, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to empower local communities to legally establish and operate off-campus, credited, religion classes for public school students. Sid helped local communities in Georgia and South Carolina to grow their programs from three to over 100.

Sid earned degrees from St. Petersburg College, Florida State University, and Dallas Theological Seminary. Dallas Seminary named him the honor graduate of his doctoral class. Sid is also a fellow at the South Asia Institute of Theology in Sri Lanka.

Sid bases his work out of Colorado Springs and is on the board of CLA Colorado Springs. Further information, including testimonies, is available at

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