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10.27.16 CLA Webcast: Making Conflict at Work Productive

Christian Leadership AllianceWhat are the keys to making conflict at work productive?

Achieving productive conflict that aligns with the ways of God is a critical skill for leaders. Your ability to manage conflict to a positive outcome affects your leadership, your team and your organization. Nancy Reece, with a 20-year background in nonprofit management, will share insights that will help you to lead your team well and make conflict at work productive in this month’s CLA Webcast.


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Nancy ReeceNancy Reece is a  Senior Consultant/Executive Coach, with The Human Capital Group She has a 20-year background in Christian nonprofit management and teaches Leadership/Organizational Behavior at Lipscomb University’s Graduate College of Business. Here are some fast facts about her experience:

  • Mentor, Bush Institute 2013 Women’s Fellowship Initiative
  • First woman board chair elected for the Association of YMCA Professionals in 130 years
  • National Management Consultant for YMCA of the USA, working with boards and local YMCA’s, oversight of leadership development for one quarter of the Untied States
  • Senior Vice President of Leadership Development for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee
  • Executive Director, New City YMCA Family Activity Center, Cabrini Green Housing Project, Chicago


Christian Leadership Alliance gives thanks for the support of the National Christian Foundation (NCF) for sponsoring the CLA monthly webcasts. NCF’s vision and mission statements stand together to create a holistic, compelling, and inspiring standard of excellence that says we are uniquely His, we play a unique role in His plan, and we are uniquely called and gifted to serve givers, ministries, churches, and advisors

NCF vision: Every person reached and restored through the love of Christ
NCF  mission: Mobilizing resources by inspiring biblical generosity


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