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Outcomes Academy Online: Summer 2017

Register Now for Outcomes Academy Online: Summer 2017

This summer you can continue to grow as a leader no matter where you are! The Outcomes Academy Online offers in-depth CLA leadership training on a state-of-the-art online platform developed by Azusa Pacific University-University College. All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to become more effective as a Christ-centered leader.

These interactive and innovative 10-hour modules are developed by some of America’s top thought leaders in Christian leadership, and experts with hands-on experience facilitate group discussions.

Today Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) is pleased to present to you the line up for Summer 2017.

  • Registration is open now through June 12, 2017.
  • Sessions begin on June 19, 2017

Here’s what is happening this summer at the Outcomes Academy Online. Simply click on the title of each module to learn more and active your registration.

Big Picture Financial Management

Faculty: Jennifer Bridges, CFO, FamilyLife

Discover “the big picture,” role that accounting plays in the overall ministry. It will include insight on communicating finances with boards and committees, and how to best help the governing team to focus on what is important in the financial information they receive. It will review some of the most useful financial measurements for ministries as well as provide information related to “dashboard” reporting.

We will explore what financial analysis in a ministry looks like, and how we can do that better. We will examine how to best consider the option of outsourcing. And finally, we will explore the ways that the accounting department connects to an organization’s mission.

Category: Financial Management

CCNL Leadership

Faculty: Tami Heim, CCNL, President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

This module is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of what is required for God-honoring personal, organizational and board leadership.

Creating a roadmap, this module lifts a leader to higher thinking about the role of executive leadership and how senior leaders influence others, the organization, the board and those the organization exists to serve. This module is required for all those participating in the CCNL program.

Category: CCNL

Fundamentals of Successful Marketing

Faculty: Suzanne Currier, Strategy Director, Kumveka

Marketing is one of the most important tools in your organization’s toolbox. In this module, participants will learn the fundamentals of marketing and the importance of understanding their target audiences when designing and employing marketing strategies.

This module is designed to help Christian leaders understand the fundamental elements of marketing and how they can help to differentiate the organization and its offering(s). It also provides guidance for effectively communicating to an organization’s target audiences. Upon completion, the participant will have a better understanding of the four basic

Category: Marketing & Communications

Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Talent

Faculty: Joelle Peelgren, Founder/Principal, DeGenaro Peelgren Associates

Become equipped to strategically acquire and retain the talented people your nonprofit organization needs. It will help you to develop and maintain a defined talent acquisition lifecycle process. It will explore talent sourcing in today’s dramatically changing labor market, and how to recruit across generations and disciplinary backgrounds.

Planning well is critical, and this module explores target planning that employs an aligned biblical framework for talent acquisition and targeting. It also examines critical HR issues like rewards, incentives and the importance of shared cultural values, as they are vital supports to employee performance and retention. Ultimately, a strong talent acquisition and retention program should result in high performance and continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Category: People Management & Care

The Annual Fund: Securing Ongoing Donations

Faculty: Joan Berntson, CCNL, Vice President for Advancement, Oak Hills Christian College

Your nonprofit organization needs regular givers. The Annual Fund is the key that unlocks the door to ongoing donations, and consistent support from givers who believe in your kingdom cause. The Annual Fund comprises an array of development initiatives to secure regular giving to your organization.

This module will provide emerging development professionals with a good understanding of the role of the Annual Fund in engaging and solidifying donor relationships as part of a diversified development program, and to equip them to take their program to the next level.

Category: Resource Development

The Role of Money in Your Organization

Faculty: Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL, CEO, Design Group International

This module prepares executive leaders to navigate the role of money in organizational life. Typically, executive leaders have extensive background in finance, or none at all. Those with none tend to avoid money responsibility, hoping others carry the day. Those with financial backgrounds often see numbers alone, failing to understand the intersection of human capital and economic behavior.

This module helps navigate the bridge between numbers and people. We will focus on the place of money in decision-making, the relationship between time and money, and how to communicate well when money is involved. We will also explore how to lead teams in making wise economic decisions, and how a leader’s personal money life impacts how they lead an organization.

Category: Executive Leadership

Join us for a summer of professional development and expanding your network of leaders!

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