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The Outcomes Conference Digital Experience 2020: Transform


We are excited to announce that the Outcomes Conference 2020 experience is happening. As you already know, due to the Coronavirus, we are unable to hold the conference in person and are transforming this years’ experience from a three-day in-person event into a seven-day digital experience!

Now you have the opportunity to grow professionally and find community in real time and on demand through July 25, 2020.


The Alliance commitment is a reflection most to our community. Through the years with extensive surveys, experience reviews, and evaluations, we know what matters most so that whatever we do, we always make sure we stay on mission and deliver these for you.

  • Biblically based professional development from a faculty of thought leaders, subject matter experts, and ministry practitioners through keynote, big idea and workshop sessions.
  • The ability to connect with other ministry leaders and amazing service providers
  • Inspiration and encouragement that will spur you on to do every good work
  • Training that inspires servant leadership and faithful stewardship
  • The opportunity for you to give and receive God’s best from each other


 We are blazing a new way forward and can’t wait to take advantage of what technology makes possible for us in this new environment. Here are a few highlights of what’s being planned.

  • A dynamic community platform designed by Higher Logic
  • Seven Worship and in the Word experiences to start each day
  • Seven General Sessions to inform and inspire
  • Connection Central Goes Virtual with community and vendor gatherings
  • Eight Category Tracks
  • 70 workshops
  • Prayer and Care Center to meet you where you are
  • Movie Watch Parties
  • Private Events

And even more details will be coming soon!


Allowing you to get credit for the time you invest in the Outcomes Conference, we want to let you know that these credits and points can still be earned by attending this year’s Digital Experience.

CCNL – Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader Program.  You will be able to acquire the full 40 points that was possible at the live event. We will communicate specifically how this process of earning points will work for those enrolled in the current program or interested in signing up. Points earned during this event will count for the elective portion of the CCNL program. We are committed to keep you moving forward on the completion of this credential.


Like you, our faculty and general session presenters are practicing social distancing, following safety precautions, and using technology to lead their teams virtually. Many presenters have said they wish they were able to prepare professionally produced footage for you, but we have assured them that’s not what is needed in a time such as this!

What is needed are leaders who are willing to freely invest in others from the depths of their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. This year’s faculty is showing up for you, as they lead in the same demanding and rapidly changing time as you.

We are grateful for a robust learning management system. We give thanks for a committed faculty, who have adapted their presentations so that you still receive a transformational learning experience.

In these refining times, we expect this will be the most powerful exchange of knowledge and wisdom in the history of the Christian Leadership Alliance annual conferences.


We give thanks for our sponsors and exhibitors who actively support the Alliance and specifically the Outcomes Conference each year. They are important members of our community and share the call to transform the world for Christ. Their role is unique and essential.

Their dedication and support fuel the Alliance mission. They offer their God-given best to this community by providing products and services that advance excellence in daily operations. They are strategic partners and experts in their fields. They are eager to partner with you so you achieve greater Kingdom impact.

Those who will be part of the new experience are demonstrating they are ALL IN to serve you. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to connect with them and find out how they can serve you. Through this digital experience you will have direct access to them through the platform.

We strongly encourage you visit the Connection Central Track, listen to their video presentations, and get to know more about all of them.  They will be eager to chat with you in the Connection Central community discussion room or set up an appointment with you outside of the platform.

We are deeply grateful for all they do to strengthen you and this entire Alliance community.


Some platforms connect businesses to people. Others connect people to people. Higher Logic does both. We are excited Higher Logic is powering the Outcomes Conference 2020 Digital Experience!

They’ve had engagement on the brain for a long time. Their founders started building community, networking, and engagement tools together over ten years ago – that spark of an idea has grown to over 3,000 community and marketing automation customers around the world, supported by over 300 employees in three offices across the country. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together

We know you have high expectations and engaging in this community is highly important. Higher Logic is teaming up with the Alliance  to create a distinct, original experience that will help you connect, learn, and innovate together.  That’s what they are all about and so is Christian Leadership Alliance.


What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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