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Outomes Webcast: Charitable Giving Strengthening in Post-Covid Recovery

Advancing Christian Ministries as Charitable Giving Strengthens in Post-COVID Recovery

In a  2020 major donor giving study conducted by Dickerson BakkerCharitable Giving in the Wake of COVID, it was reported that 85% of mid-level and major donors were intending to give the same or more to charities that year, despite the challenges related to COVID-19.

With the worst seemingly now behind us, nonprofit leaders are faced with a new uncertainty.

What Happens Next

In an Outcomes Webcast on September 30, the team from Dickerson Bakker will share the findings from their new nationwide study. They will offer insights about how charitable giving during post-COVID recovery is transforming the fundraising landscape for Christian ministries.

During this Webcast you will receive the filling information:

‣ A summary of current conditions and precautions to keep in mind as your organization navigates the upcoming post-COVID giving season.
‣ The two factors that seem to be driving donors’ willingness to give more.
‣ The role your local or regional economic recovery plays when it comes to your mid-level and major donors’ year-end giving.
‣ Donor readiness for fundraising activities such as events and meetings.
‣ The impacts left on Mid-Level and Major Donor giving patterns following covid-19.
‣ Action steps you can take today to make data-informed decisions for the coming year.
‣ And more!

Mark Your Calendar

  • September 30, 2021
  • 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • Register here!


In Other News….


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