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A Call to Save!

That’s correct, this is a call to save! You have between now and  Friday, January 31,2014 to take advantage of early pricing for the Christian Leadership Alliance National Conference registrations. It’s the last week to register your team and take advantage of these pre-conference savings. And don’t forget, if you are a CLA member you recieve…

Perpetually Connected

By Gordon Marcy In February, research and advisory firm, Forrester Research released its “Mobile Trends for Marketers” and “Interactive Marketing Predictions” for 2013. These studies show more clearly than ever just how much Christian ministries must rapidly embrace technological change in order to reach their perpetually connected audiences. Connected TV is Here One area that this…

What You Need to Know About Online Giving

By Brad Davies It’s worse than you think… According to a May 2013, PewInternet survey on American adults use of the Internet, most individuals prefer to go online to take care of various tasks in their lives such as banking (61 percent), getting news (78 percent), and communicating with friends (88 percent). Yet online giving,…

Male hand holding virtual icon of social media

Making Online Connections

By Dana Byers It’s easy to think our online interactions have little meaning. Our tweets join millions of other tweets sent the same minute. The blog posts we publish become old news overnight. Instagram photos of smiling children behind a sea of birthday candles are scrolled over only once — never to be seen again.…

Finding Your People Where They Are

By David Bourgeois In the past I have explored the idea that we are in a “post-website world.” Because of this, it is important that we learn how to get our message in front of our audience where they are. And the data show that they are on social networks. But this sometimes leads ministry leaders to the wrong…

Hiker Using Laptop By Tent On Snowy Mountain Slope

CLA Online Academy Winter Session: Registration Closes 1.6.14

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) Online Academy is a dynamic experience that will take the Christian leadership skills of your entire team to the next level of excellence. We make it easy for you to learn, no matter where you are!  There is no better way to start get your new year off to a…

Social media

Is Facebook Holding Your Fans for Ransom?

By Georgia Joseph Facebook marketing is over — welcome to the new era of Facebook advertising. A recent article on AdAge Digital  begins, “Facebook is being more blunt about the fact that marketers are going to have to pay for reach.” So, if you’ve noticed your Facebook referral traffic dropping lately, you’re not the only one and…


Internet Evangelism: The Case for Actually Getting Results

By John Edmiston One of the most frequent objections to Internet evangelism and to the use of information technology in missions is that of numbers and results being seen as worldly and therefore as “unspiritual”. Jesus was transformational. Jesus changed the situation that He was in. The change was visible, measurable, and often astonishing. The…

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A New Battle for Hearts, Minds and Global Redemption

By Gordon Marcy With the Internet becoming increasingly important for nearly everybody, I’m amazed to hear that so many Christian leaders and ministries are still reluctant to develop full-time online outreach. The Internet is not a fad. Usage continues to soar and there’s no sign of it slowing down. In 2013, over 2.7 billion people…

How The Internet is Changing Evangelism and Missions

By John Edmiston There are currently 2.4 billion active Internet users, and  another 3 billion are expected to be online within five years as cellphones increasingly become Internet enabled smartphones and as cheap digital devices proliferate. The changes are not only quantitative, they are also qualitative. The  essential dynamics of Christian ministry are being fundamentally altered.…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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