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Outcomes Academy Online – Summer 2018

Outcomes Academy Online –  Summer 2018 The Outcomes Academy is Christian Leadership Alliance’s most in-depth professional learning experience. You can register and access it wherever your ministry travels take you this summer! The Academy is designed by subject matter experts to equip Christian leaders for operational excellence in eight core functional areas. Practical and full…

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Part II: Fundraising Staff Challenges By Derric Bakker

Overcoming Fundraising Staff Challenges This is Part II in the two part series on Fundraising Staff Challenges. If you missed Part I, it covers the current realities and challenges most nonprofits experience. Today, the focus is on solutions. Here you will find five ways nonprofit organizations can effectively address the challenges they have in their…

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What is a Steward Leader? By Howard Rich

What defines a steward leader? I am in a conversation about leadership and begin referring to steward leaders, and the person I am speaking with gets a quizzical look on their face. The scene replays countless times. At a convenient time in the conversation, this person will graciously correct me and point out I am really…

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