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Time for Emerging Leaders to Shine Bright By ZÁNDRA BISHOP

Emerging Leaders – Capture Attention and Accelerate Your Journey! For emerging leaders, standing out is like navigating a bustling marketplace, where a blend of strategic thinking, authenticity, and savvy communication is essential.  If you’re on this path, you know that gaining the recognition of peers and stakeholders is pivotal. But how can you ensure your…

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Equipping Emerging Leaders By Andrea Buczynski

Cru’s Senior Leader Initiative for Emerging Leaders By Andrea Buczynski ~ In January 2004, we sat quietly, sobered by reality. Current U.S. leaders in Cru, in their mid to late 50s, had no obvious successors or succession plans. Leaders with potential to qualify didn’t have the organizational leadership experience to lead nationally. They had no…

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How the Best Christian Workplaces Engage Emerging Leaders

For the past 10 years, Al Lopus, as president and cofounder of the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI), has been conducting the Best Christian Workplaces Survey. This 58-question, broad-based human resources survey compiles data on people practices and the way they’re experienced in Christian workplaces. Lopus and his organization have surveyed over 500 different Christian…

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