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Tuesday, April 17th - 2:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

  • Hosted by CLA Advisory Council member Marshall Dunbar, Vice President of Spiritual Life, Christian Community Action, this breakout is designed for executive leaders and board directors.

In this Leadership Roundtable Experience we’ll explore together thought leadership on the trust-based governance and leadership of Christian nonprofit organizations. We will host an interactive panel with presenters from the morning session, and then hear dynamic, interactive presentations from experienced frontline leaders on biblical perspectives on board governance, and examine the vital importance of establishing the firm foundation of trust as a leader. And you’ll be able to process with and gain insight from your peers. Outcomes:

  1. Align your organization’s governance along a distinctly Christian pathway for board governance,
  2. Recognize key ways you can build trust as a leader, and
  3. Apply insights on governance and leadership gleaned from your peers, and from some of today’s compelling thinkers in this space.

Featured Thought Leaders:

  • Host Marshall Dunbar with Panelists:
    • Tom Lin, President, InterVarsity
    • Edgar Sandoval, COO, World Vision
    • Sam Wolgemuth, Board Member — ECCU and Alpha USA
  • Dr. Gary Hoag, International Liaison, ECFA
  • Greg Henson, President, Sioux Falls Seminary
  • Dr. Wes Willmer, CCNL, Principal, Wes Willmer Group, LLC
  • Dr. Bruce McNicol, President, TrueFace
  • Megan Colabrese, Associate Director, Navigators Atlanta Young Professionals