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Christian Leadership Alliance is pleased to present the NEW Outcomes Leadership Core powered by Lead Like Jesus. This new experience is for leaders who don’t want to simply be great leaders, but long to be leaders who lead like Jesus.

Divided into four pathways, this transformational experience that will changethe way you lead and live.


Pathway I - Identity

Building Accurate Self-Awareness

Accurate self-awareness, understanding who we are, including our strengths and weaknesses, is the strongest predictor of a leader’s and team’s overall success.

Through the Outcomes Leadership Core powered by Lead Like Jesus you now have access to a unique Biblical DISC™ Assessment which helps you as a leader to discover and embrace your God-given identity and equip you to use that knowledge for personal and team benefit. See your unique design through a powerful biblical lens.

Access the full collection of resources and experiences related to maximizing the Biblical DISC™ in personal and team settings


Pathway II – Integration

Inside-Out Transformation

The key to great leadership is the leader. Leadership improves when a leader is changed on the inside first. That’s because leadership is primarily a heart issue. Only a transformed leader will lead like Jesus.

Jesus’ life provided us with the model to follow. Jesus, himself, is the source to become more like the model. We can’t lead like Jesus without Jesus.

Access resources that focus on the leader’s internal transformation first


Pathway III – Immersion

Develop Skill and Competence

Access resources that focus on the leader’s internal transformation

Here’s a winning equation: Transformation + Competence = An Effective Leader

A transformed leader who is skilled at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, feedback, proactive problem solving, and conflict resolution will build effective teams based on mutual trust.

Engage in a deeper and more interactive, discussion-based and visual learning experiences

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Pathway IV – Inspiration

Ongoing Growth and Development

Becoming a leader who leads like Jesus is a lifelong process requiring a lifelong commitment. Accountability is a powerful tool God designed to keep us from wandering away from his best for our lives.

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