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Inside-Out Transformation

The key to great leadership is the leader. Leadership improves when a leader is changed on the inside first. That’s because leadership is primarily a heart issue. Only a transformed leader will lead like Jesus.

Jesus’ life provided us with the model to follow. Jesus, himself, is the source to become more like the model. We can’t lead like Jesus without Jesus.


Access resources that focus on the leader’s internal transformation first:

  • Read and apply Lead Like Jesus Revisited - book with a discussion guide included
  • Utilize 6-week Lead Like Jesus Revisited Study Guide to dive deeper into the Lead Like Jesus leadership model
  • Utilize curriculum for a leader’s “Heart, Head, Hands and Habits” for individual or group study
  • Attend “The Heart of a Leader” – a 10-hour online module to be offered through the Outcomes Academy Online. (Coming this fall!)