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Develop Skill and Competence

Here’s a winning equation: Transformation + Competence = An Effective Leader

A transformed leader who is skilled at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, feedback, proactive problem solving, and conflict resolution will build effective teams based on mutual trust.


Engage in a deeper and more interactive, discussion-based and visual learning experiences (online and in person):

  • Attend “Lead Like Jesus” – a 10-hour online module offered through the Outcomes Academy  Online
  • Attend a 1.5-day “Lead Like Jesus Encounter Experience,” a live and interactive, participant-driven workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model, Jesus (offered annual at the Outcomes Conference or by request for your organization.)
  • Participate in a live SLII® Connect workshop that focuses on the three foundational skills of a Situational Leader. Learn how diagnose the development levels of employees and how to choose the appropriate leadership style for each of them (The Leader Like Jesus Encounter is a prerequisite for this workshop)
  • Take advantage of the 3-month personal, executive, and business coaching and move from where you are to where God would have you go
  • Organizational package that includes the certification of organizational champions is also available