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Global Leader Fund

Give to leaders worldwide what has been so richly given to you!

Next Steps

Make your online donation by clicking the GIVE NOW button below.

Pray for Christian leaders around the world.

Share this opportunity with others with a heart for equipping and uniting leaders called to transform the world for Christ.

Thank you for partnering to equip leaders for a global impact!

Each gift to the Global Leader Fund allows leaders around the world to attend the 60-day Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience and spend six months learning and communing with others in the Global Community.
  • $50 one-time gift sends one leader
  • $500 one-time gift sends 10 leaders
  • $1,000 one-time gift sends 20 leaders
  • A $25 monthly gift sends six leaders
  • $50 monthly gift sends 12 leaders

You can also send check via mail to:

Attention: Pamela Westbrooks
Christian Leadership Alliance
101 Roper Creek Drive
Greenville, SC 29615

The Global Leader Fund

Support Leaders from 100 Countries!

The Global Leader Fund allows you to provide international scholarships and the support required to convene and equip Christian nonprofit professionals worldwide.

Every $50 you invest in this fund will enable an international leader to attend the Outcomes Global Digital Experience 2024 and engage in the Global Leadership Community Hub for six months.

This combination of training and community accelerates professional growth.

The Class of 2024-2025 launches with the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience.

September 1 - October 31, 2024

Over 100 shared learning experiences are offered, including recorded and live broadcasts. All training focuses on developing mission-critical competencies and increasing leadership capacity!