Outcomes Academy Online Fall 2020

Outcomes Academy Online Fall 2020


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Fall 2020 Term

Registration Deadline: September 21, 2020
Modules Begin: September 28, 2020

The Outcomes Academy (Online) offers in-depth CLA leadership training for those who want to go deeper in their operational knowledge. These interactive and innovative 10-hour modules are developed by some of America’s top thinkers in Christian leadership, and are facilitated by experts with hands-on experience.

Advanced Programs

Each quarter the Alliance features one “CCNL” multi-disciplinary module (required for Credential Christian Nonprofit Leader  participants) as well. And each quarter you have the opportunity to take an online course that will help you earn your certificate for the Outcomes Leadership CORE program (OLC.)

 2020 Fall Offerings

Managing the CEO/Board Relationship Well

This module prepares executive leaders to enter into or strengthen a healthy working relationship with the board of the organization they serve. Often, executive and board relationships fail to exhibit a proper mix of using power appropriately, governing well, effectively establishing and monitoring executive and organizational effectiveness, and handling executive transition. Both the board and the executive bear responsibility in managing these items well. This module will explore the executive and board relationship in light of serving as stewards of the organization and its mission. Each session concludes with a reflection assignment that becomes an educational tool for the ongoing development of executives and their boards. Topics will include building the board/executive relationship, sharing power appropriately, recruiting board members, fundraising and executive transition/succession….
Faculty: Doug Mazza – International Board Member, Joni and Friends
Category: Executive Leadership

The Heart of a Leader

Because we believe that successful leadership begins on the inside, this course is designed to intentionally focus on a leader’s heart motivation, our “why” first. Defining our “why” is not an easy task. It requires soul-searching, an understanding of one’s core life values and a desire for a destination that’s much more than pure profit or personal success. This course will explore critical questions every leader must answer, differences between a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart and how understanding and embracing our identity and an accurate self-awareness will make us much more effective influencers.
*This is a required course for an Outcomes Leadership CORE Certificate.
Faculty: Tami Heim, CCNL – President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance
Category: Executive Leadership.

Biblical Foundations for People Management & Care

This module will consider the unique call of a Christian leader in stewarding an organization’s people, its “greatest asset.” The module will cover a range of topics, including a Christian perspective on work, living out the New Testament’s “one another’s” in the workplace, the discipleship of employees, and key biblical examples of the importance of effective mobilization of human giftedness in furthering kingdom purposes….
Faculty: Joelle Peelgren – Founder/Principal, DeGenaro Peelgren Associates
Category: People Management & Care

CCNL Relationship

The module is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of how to create and build an engaging brand, connect that brand with various audiences, and inspire donor support. You will learn to establish your organization’s distinctive brand. You will gain insight on how to pursue a sound approach to technology in your organization’s communications. And you will gain practical, biblically-based, insight on how to build and steward transformative life-long relationships with your organization’s donors. (Two sessions in Resource Development; two sessions in Marketing & Communications; one session in Internet & Technology)
Faculty: Michelle Beckham-Corbin – MBA- Director of Marketing & Communications, American Heritage Girls, Inc.
Category: CCNL.

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