b'For we are Gods handiwork, created in Christ Voices of the Alliance Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.Eph. 2:10Christian Leadership Alliance is a place to bringI started American Heritage Girls as a calling from leaders together to connectand impact thethe Lord, but I wasnt equipped for it. He brought kingdom of God in signicant ways.resources forward, and I believe that Christian Dr. Jerry White, President Emeritus,Leadership Alliance is one of those resources. It hasWhat Are YouChairman Emeritus, U.S. Board of Directors,helped me to understand my role and what Im to do. The NavigatorsPatti Garibay, Founder/CEO, American Heritage Girls Waiting for? At The Outcomes Conference, small nonprots, largeThe Outcomes Conference is a spiritually nourishing and in-between come together because we all have toand professionally encouraging experience that God face the same issues. The networking, teaching anduses to continually shape and direct me as a leaderWe believe that Christian Leadership Alliancetraining are great. I always walk away with somethingand a person.is the place where a leader like you belongs. I didnt have before.Christina Blackman, Director of Development,God has gifted you for the benet of others, and Dr. Albert Reyes, President/CEO,Peter & John Radio FellowshipI want to personally invite you today to join a Buckner International community that shares a God-given mission to equip and unite The training was fantasticthe best Ive had as aChristian Leadership Alliance offers the mostleaders who are transforming the world for Christ. nonprot leader. I thank the Lord for all of the CLAencouraging exchange of ideas across a broadYour voice, experience and wisdom will strengthen and inspire team for equipping me to be a better Christ-followingspectrum of ministries seeking to achieve the sameother leaders.nonprot leader!goalcare for and expand the kingdom of God.We know that what God gives to each of us is for the good of all, Jim Clark, Executive Director,Rick Miller, Executive Director,and we invite you to join the Alliance today. Christian Service Center Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana LakeI think the individual life-on-life contact thatGoing through the CCNL (Credentialed ChristianTami Heim happens at Christian Leadership AlliancesNonprot Leader) process has allowed me to becomeChristian Leadership Alliance conference is the very best gift that we give.positioned and prepared to tackle the workforce in aPresident and CEO Beth Guckenberger, Co-Executive Director,very unique way as a CEO, and as a leader. Back2Back MinistriesCary E. Vaughn, CEO/President, Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.Join Christian Leadership Alliance today at: www.christianleadershipalliance.org/membership'