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City Vision University

Christian Leadership is pleased to announce that being a Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) can now count for more through our special relationship with City Vision University.

You can now receive 6 Credits towards either a graduate degree (Masters in Business Administration/MBA) or an undergraduate degree at City Vision University for your Christian Leadership Alliance CCNL Credential!

What is City Vision University?

City Vision’s focus is on Christian nonprofits and ministries. It is a school founded by Christian nonprofits and ministries for Christian nonprofits and ministries. Most of City Vision’s faculty have decades of experience working at ministries, nonprofits, or Christian counseling centers. Since 1998, City Vision University has partnered with thousands of ministries and other nonprofits. Learn more at

What makes City Vision University’s MBA unique?
  • City Vision’s MBA provides the benefit of an MBA degree with a focus on nonprofit management.
  • City Vision provides a very affordable online Christian MBA. Tuition is only $800/course.
  • After completing your CCNL and receiving 6 credits from City Vision, the total cost of the MBA is $8,000.
  • City Vision is an accredited nonprofit online-only Christian university.
What will I learn in City Vision University’s MBA Program?

City Vision’s MBA program is focused on equipping leaders in Christian nonprofits and ministries. Nearly all City Vision’s MBA courses have a nonprofit focus including: Grant Writing, Fundraising, Nonprofit Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Marketing, Nonprofit Accounting, Nonprofit Human Resources, Cross-Cultural Management, Board Development, Developing Healthy Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship. See City Vision’s list of MBA courses.

What about City Vision’s undergraduate degree options?

City Vision University also offers undergraduate degree programs in Nonprofit Management, Christian Ministry and Leadership, Business and Addiction Counseling. The 6 credits from your completed CCNL will count toward the 36 total credits required in our MBA program. After applying this CCNL credit, this program could be completed in one year.

To learn more about City Vision University’s five start dates per year, see schedule and start dates.

What is my next step?

To learn more, or start the process of applying your CCNL credential toward a degree through City Vision University, contact the Registrar (949) 487-0900, ext. 118 or email

Christian Leadership Alliance will confirm your CCNL status and ensure all the requirements for academic credit have been achieved. If additional work is needed, the Alliance will work with you on options to complete what you need before enrolling in City Vision. Once you have been confirmed, the Alliance will connect you with admissions staff at City Vision.