Outcomes Magazine Archives

Spring 2016

The theme of this edition of Outcomes is “Perspectives.” It offers perspectives on Christian leadership past, present and future. You will hear from some of CLA’s pioneers. You’ll benefit from time-tested reflections on Christian leadership. And you will gain insight from dedicated leaders on the front lines of love and good deeds (Heb. 10:23-24) around our world today.

Winter 2015

This edition of Outcomes focuses on the theme of “stewardship.” Like the Old Testament prophet Daniel, we find ourselves leading amid an increasingly hostile culture. We can learn from the wisdom, integrity and grace with which Daniel served and excelled within Babylonian culture. Daniel was a faithful steward because of his deep commitment to God. His course was set. He didn’t waver as the pressure to compromise his faith intensified. Let us likewise be faithful stewards in the service of the King of Kings.

Fall 2015

In these times of societal change and cultural drift, we as Christian leaders must be rooted deeply in Christ and tethered firmly to the unchanging truths of God’s Word. Pursuing excellence is the theme of this CLA Founders Council edition, and we hope the insights shared here will inspire you.

Summer 2015

The looming leadership gap in Christian nonprofits, and the need to equip future leaders to fill these roles, is why this edition of Outcomes magazine has “succession” as its theme. We offer insight from leaders who have navigated leadership succession well, and who today see thriving organizations as a result.

Spring 2015

In this edition of Outcomes, we explore what it means to lead in these times. Opposition to those who follow Christ is growing. Seismic cultural shifts mark our times. However, our God is more powerful than cultural trends. He has fully equipped us to live out his grace and truth as we seek to transform the world for Christ.

Winter 2014

This edition of Outcomes focuses on Christian nonprofit trends. We ask experienced Christian leaders to explore trends affecting Christian nonprofit organizations today, and to share perspective on pursuing excellence in the days ahead.

Fall 2014

Spiritual Leadership: Are you rooted in Christ as a leader? Is God your source of daily strength for fulfilling your calling? Gain insights from present and past Christian leaders on this transformational leadership topic.

Summer 2014

In this edition of Outcomes we explore “money matters.” Here at CLA, we believe that Christian leaders should be distinctive in both the transformational way in which we raise funds, and in the integrity with which we manage those God-given resources.

Spring 2014

What does it mean to pursue “kingdom outcomes?” Leaders from World Vision, CRU, The Navigators, Compassion International, American Bible Society, TrueFaced and more share insight.

Winter 2013

Explore the world of New Media and how it is impacting ministries today. This edition offers a wealth of insights on using today’s technology to advance your mission to impact the world for Christ.