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Sid Webb

Sid Webb

Founder, CoreFoundations


Dr. Sid Webb has a passion to use his three decades of experience in founding, leading, and training nonprofit organizations, combined with his award-winning doctoral-level research on board governance, to help organizations deliver a profound impact. He has over twenty years of seminar leader experience with organizations such as Walk Thru the Bible, Winning With Encouragement, Ministry Ventures, and the “released time” community.

He has worked with over 100 clients nationwide, including Greater Europe Mission, Advanced Global Coaching, Every Home for Christ, Meet Justice, YWAM Boston, On Point, Care for Pastors, and a variety
of pregnancy centers.

Sid is the founder of CoreFoundations, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to empower local communities to legally establish and operate off-campus religion classes for public school students (for credit). Sid helped local communities in Georgia and South Carolina to grow their programs from only three to over 100.

Born in Texas to an Air Force family, Sid landed at Florida State University for his B.A., after which he received his masters and doctoral degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. Sid and Suzy Webb have been married for 34 years.