How to Strengthen Your Brand Starting with Your URL

Are you considering launching or revamping a website in the next year? In our webcast, "How to Strengthen Your Brand Starting with Your URL", digital strategist Kenny Jahng of Big Click Syndicate will share insights related to these questions and more: What new tactics are innovative and established organization taking to ensure visibility on the ever evolving web? What are 3 core benefits you should look for when building out a new site? Have you considered utilizing a website domain that could better align your web presence with your mission?

Investing: Wise Nonprofit Stewardship

Ever gotten lost in the technical jargon of investing? Join Chartered Financial Analyst Bryan Taylor as he demystifies the process of comprehensive financial stewardship in our webcast, "Investing: Wise Nonprofit Stewardship." He'll uncover: How to objectively analyze your investment program and structure a portfolio; the consequences of mistiming the market and how to avoid them; the components of socially and biblically responsible investing; how to accurately assess cost and establish bench marking for your organization.

How to Cultivate Major Donors

Did you know that every nonprofit has major gift donors just waiting to be discovered - including yours? In this webcast, "How to Cultivate Major Donors" CEO of NCF Heartland, William High helps uncover how to: - Identify and cultivate relationships with your hidden major donors - Open up conversation that moves them toward deeper engagement - Explore common mistakes ministries make and how you can avoid them - Properly approach these donors and confidently ask for major gifts

Religious Liberty: Pursuing the Daniel Option

Does America's quickly changing cultural and legal landscape ever make you feel uneasy? As Christian leaders experiencing these rapid shifts, we are left with only two responses: withdraw from culture or engage with it. In our webcast, "Religious Liberty: Pursuing the Daniel Option," Attorney Scott Ward will help us explore Biblical instruction from the life of Daniel to: - Winsomely engage culture while responding to circumstances challenging religious liberty - Discuss today's legal landscape with implications of human, minority and equal rights - Uncover prudent risk management strategies for ministries - Outline a framework for living faithfully and fruitfully, personally and organizationally

What is Your Planning Style?

Everyone has a natural planning style that either meshes or clashes with others. But how do you identify and adjust yours for maximum productivity and peace? Tune in to "What is Your Planning Style?" with James Galvin, Ed.D., leadership consultant and President of Galvin & Associates. You'll discover: - The 4 distinct planning styles God has uniquely wired within us. - How to reduce busyness and increase effectiveness. - Actionable solutions for time and life management. - How to create a 30 day experiment to test out a new personal planning system.

Managing Change through Employee Engagement

Successfully managing change is vital to your organization's success - but how do you get everyone on board? Tune in to our webcast with Christine Talbot, World Vision's Senior VP of Human Resources to learn how. In "Managing Change through Employee Engagement" you'll discover: - 5 key questions every leader must ask before leading organizational change. - How to lead through employee resistance. - Effective ways to address significant shifts in company culture. - Why managing change is especially unique in Christian organizations.

Principles for Online Donation Success

Is your online giving page underperforming? Many donation pages are ineffective because they fail to follow the basic principles of donor psychology. Tune in to our webcast "Principles for Online Donation Success" with Mr. Mark W. Gaither - author and Manager of Special Projects for Global Aid Network (GAIN). You'll discover how to: - Incorporate five factors that influence donor behavior. - Identify and eliminate potential disruptions to donor response. - Capitalize on specific features that encourage action. - Craft pages that reduce donor anxiety and build brand trust.

Jesus Team of Twelve: 4 Keys to Leading Teams Well

Create a culture of excellence from the ultimate Team Leader - Jesus. In His relationship with His "team" of disciples, Jesus asked questions and created accountability - in unique ways every organization should seek to emulate. Join Denver Rescue Mission's Director of Education, Mark Siegrist as he explores practical applications of Jesus' leadership model in "Jesus' Team of Twelve: 4 Keys to Leading Teams Well." You'll learn: - How Jesus earned and developed solid group trust. - The foundations on which all good teams are built. - The five dysfunctions of a team and the ways a good leader steps in. - The effective role conflict can play in producing good results.

The Heart of a Leader

Every good leader wants to improve - but did you know there's an actual framework to leading like Jesus did? Join President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus, Phyllis Hendry as she shares "The Heart of a Leader." In this webcast she reveals: - The key roles your heart, head, hands and habits play in Jesus-like leadership. - How to answer two critical questions every leader must address. - How to identify barriers keeping you from leading like Jesus. - How feelings of separation, comparison and distortion can creep into your leadership - and how to avoid them.

Making Conflict at Work Productive!

Do you shy away from conflict? Why not make it productive? Join Nancy Reece, Senior Consultant for The Human Capital Group as she shares, "Making Conflict at Work Productive" . She'll explain how achieving productive conflict aligns with God's design for leaders. You'll discover: - How to move from avoidance to collaboration. - The powerful key to unlocking a positive outcome. - Biblical examples that demonstrate productive conflict you can emulate. - Why your ability to manage conflict to a positive outcome is necessary for your leadership, team and organization.