b'The Alliance thanks these members Find the Membership Levelfor our featured photographs: that is Right for You!Every member is an integral part of the Alliance mission, and makes a unique contribution by participating in Alliance experiences and collaborating with like-minded Christians. Theres a place for everyone in Christian Leadership Alliance!\x02 Platinum(50 members per organization) Platinum membership is for organizations that represent the highest level of commitment to the mission of Christian Leadership Alliance. They have a conviction and culture that fully supports Christ-like leadership development. Their leaders freely share from experiences, best practices and wisdom for the common good of all Christian organizations. \x02 Gold(25 members per organization) Gold membership is for organiza-tions that place a priority on the development of their leaders. They are integral to the Alliance because they willingly serve and participate in the development of other nonprot leaders. \x02 Silver(10 members per organization) Silver membership is ideal for smaller nonprot organizations with a hunger for leadership development and long-term growth. They seek to strengthen their foundation now for greater future impact.\x02 IndividualIndividual membership is for those who demonstrate personal initiative in their professional development and growth. These leaders believe in an investment in their leadership because they long toadd greater value wherever God calls them to serve.Apply online at www.christianleadershipalliance.org/membership or contact the Alliance Membership Coordinator at (949) 487-0900, ext.116 to determine the membership level right for you.'