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Outcomes Academy Online

CLA Center for Online Learning

Outcomes Academy Online

The Outcomes Academy Online offers in-depth professional development on a state-of-the-art, dynamic online platform. It provides a broad range of online learning experiences to increase your capacity, and now they are available anytime!

Here is what's available for a leader like you:

Thought leaders and nonprofit ministry professionals contributed to all Academy learning experiences.


THE 2023-2024 SPONSOR

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CCNL Program

Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader

The Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program promotes biblical principles and professional standards in Christian nonprofit organizations. This program exists because Christian nonprofits need leaders with proven expertise and certified excellence in their professional fields.

Those who receive the CCNL credential will possess a proven multi-disciplinary understanding of nonprofit leadership.

Training traverses all the critical areas of professional practice: executive leadership, resource development, financial management, tax and legal, board governance, people management and care, marketing and communication, and Internet and technology.

CLA Member Program Enrollment Fee: $257- members


 The CCNL Online Courses

Required | Elective Courses

Fall Term Registration Opens July 9, 2024

Here, you will find information about the upcoming credentialed courses offered four times yearly. All classes will be hosted on the new Outcomes Academy Online.

Christian experts and professional ministry leaders developed these interactive and innovative 10-week courses, uniquely shared as a cohort. Leaders with hands-on expertise facilitate each course.

If you are interested in the content of these courses, you do not need to be enrolled in the CCNL program to register for them.

Required Online Courses:

  • CCNL 1 - Leadership | CCNL 2 - Stewardship | CCNL 3 - Relationship

Elective Online Courses for the CCNL Include those in The Thriving Leader Series:

  • TLS 1 - Spiritual Formation  | TLS 2 -  Heart of the Leader  | TLS 3 - The Journing to Thriving | TLS4 -  Lead Like Jesus  | TLS 5-  Leadership From the Shepherd's Perspective  

Earn Academic Credit

Your CCNL distinction counts even more through Christian Leadership Alliance's relationship with City Vision University and York University Online. 

To pursue these opportunities, please contact Cyndi Marcy at .

To LEARN MORE about these academic institutions and what they have to offer you, click the buttons below!

God blesses our work!