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Data services for the win!

Data Services For the Win By Brent Nudo

Discerning the Right Data Services Can Change Everything! Whether it’s managing donor records, understanding the effectiveness of your communications effort, or helping your team identify that next big prospect, data plays a vital role in your organization’s success. Using the right tools will move your ministry into the 21st Century! Digital Tool Assessment & Recommendations…

5 Leadership Lessons from Romans.

Leadership Lessons from the Book of Romans By Ed Fry

Five Leadership Lessons from the Paul’s Letter to the Romans The Book of Romans offers timeless wisdom and valuable insights for leaders across various domains. While it is primarily a theological work, its principles extend beyond religion and provide a profound guide for leadership in the modern world. Romans sheds light on how Jesus shattered…

Danger of Control

The Danger of Control By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Don’t Let Control Get You in a Choke Hold At some point, the transformation of a steward leader includes facing one’s demand for control and micromanagement. The wrestle for control is the essential challenge. Embracing our identity as faithful stewards begins by acknowledging that we serve on another’s behalf. I’ve found that the desire for…

The relative importance of outcomes.

The Relative Importance Of Outcomes By Dr. Rob McKenna 

The Motivation that Drives Outcomes Are you motivated by outcomes? What’s your daily motivation to get up in the morning, put on your clothes, and head to work? Are you motivated because of what it will get you? Do you do what you do at the beginning and end of the day because it will…

  NEW Launch 10.1.23

Discover How to Sharpen Your Aim! By W. Scott Brown

Come and Experience AIM: Alliance Insights Modules Christian Leadership Alliance introduces NEW self-paced courses called AIM: Alliance Insights Modules. These dynamic digital modules will equip you and your team in critical areas of Christian nonprofit leadership, from donor development to caring for employees, to stewarding your soul as a leader, and so much more! This…

The choice of Allegiance or Accountability.

Allegiance or Accountability? By Dr. Brian S. Simmons

The Choice Between Blind Allegiance or Brutal Accountability There is a tension between allegiance and accountability. All organizational leaders, at one time or another, face the dilemma of approaching a leader overtaken by a fault or challenging ideas that may not be the best.  We wrestle with the tension between disregarding wrong or unwise behavior…

Hard work and God's Truth

Work Hard and Represent God’s Truth By Ed McDowell

Have you ever made the connection between working hard and representing God’s truth?  The Apostle Paul does this with a young and upcoming leader. His name is Timothy. Let’s look at the second letter Paul writes to Timothy, specifically part of the second chapter. The readings are from the New Living Translation. Paul’s Letter to…

Fall 2023

Outcomes Academy Fall 2023: Cohorts, Connections, and Competency

Outcomes Academy Fall 2023: Expand Your Leadership Capacity Through the Outcomes Academy Fall 2023 term, Christian Leadership Alliance creates a unique experience for leaders who want to grow their competencies and do it with others who share that desire and journey. Through Outcomes Academy Online, you can spend ten weeks with a cohort of diverse…


Stewards of Time By Dr. Marybeth Leavell

There is Never Enough Time In our fast-paced society, “there just isn’t enough time to get everything done!”. Most leaders feel that their list of things to do is too long and urgent, resulting in stressful days and sleepless nights. And it is often worse for Christian leaders. In his book The Tyranny of Time,…

Labor Day!

The Sacred Call of Labor By Tami Heim

A Call to Labor for a Higher Purpose The US Department of Labor gives us context for why we celebrate Labor Day. This year marks the 129th Anniversary of this national holiday. It originated as a way for the country to celebrate the labor movement and the many achievements of workers in America. While many…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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