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A Kingdom view of talent acquisition.

A Kingdom View of Talent by Dr. Rich Kidd

A Different Perspective on Talent Acquisition Somewhere in the 1990’s, businesses borrowed from the entertainment world and began calling their recruiting efforts “talent acquisition.” I don’t mind the term “talent” at all… it’s the word “acquisition” that strikes me as particularly sub-Christian. Acquiring something means you own it. That’s fine if you’re collecting fine wines,…

Perspectives on the Enneagram

A Perspective on the Enneagram By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

The Enneagram-Everywhere Effect Are you tired of the Enneagram-everywhere effect? Cynical about its relevance or accuracy? Think of it as overly complicated. Overtaking the conversations in your social circles? If so, I’m sorry, and I hope this short essay about its practical use prompts you to give it renewed consideration. I frequently use Enneagram insights…

Diversity of God's Resources

The Unexpected Diversity of God’s Resources By Shelley Cochrane

Donor Diversity in Scripture Added to the weighty responsibilities of being a ministry leader is the constant challenge of securing resources for the future. We know that God, who commands everything in heaven and on earth, is our provider. We know He resources His kingdom work according to His purposes. But how does that play…

Faith changes everything.

Faith Before Work By Dr. Rob McKenna

The Leap of Faith That Changes Us If faith is that leap to believe something we can’t prove and trust in something beyond ourselves, what are the implications for developing leaders? Our faith is the start and then the work begins. Once we understand where our faith is grounded, all of the working parts of…

Faith in Action

Faith in Action By Dr. Brian S. Simmons

The Power of Putting Faith in Action A few years ago, I was blessed by the opportunity to get to know a man of great faith, Jerry Bridges.  Jerry wrote several books for the Navigators including, The Pursuit of Holiness, which sold more than 1 million copies.  As Jerry mentored me one day over lunch,…

Find out what's holding you back!

3 Obstacles That May Be Holding You Back By Dr. Steve A. Brown

Discover How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back So, what is holding you back? Elite runners regularly ask themselves this question. They watch endless videos to catch any movement that might be slowing them down. They seek out lighter running shoes and even sleep in oxygen tents to gain a tiny edge. When I reflect…

Mutua Mahiaini

Meet Mutua Mahiaini – Outcomes Conference 2023 Mainstage Keynote

Mutua Mahiaini Brings Wisdom and Insights to Outcomes 2023 Mutua Mahiaini serves as International President of The Navigators overseeing their Worldwide Partnership of more than 5,300 staff serving in 112 countries. Christian Leadership Alliance is grateful Mutua will be ready to invest his best in leaders at the Outcomes Conference 2023. Here you will learn…

Know the Voice you need to hear!

The Power of Voice Recognition By Dr. Bob Snyder

Learn to Recognize the Voice You Need to Hear Voice recognition amazes me. I speak and my smartphone types out my words. What a gift! I say, “Call Michelangelo’s Pizza” and the pizza man answers. How remarkable! Is it possible that technology listens better than I do? Just as technology has learned to recognize my…

Drive Success with Thoughtful Communications

Driving Success with Thoughtful Communications By Michael J. Tomlinson

Resilient Leaders Drive Success With Thoughtful Communications “Success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill Whether speaking with colleagues in the diverse corners of philanthropy, with our strategy teams at BDI, or with resilient leaders at nonprofits we serve alongside, one core question…

Carmen LaBerge - Outcomes Conference 2023

Meet Carmen LaBerge -Outcomes Conference 2023 Mainstage Keynote

Carmen LaBerge Connects Faith and Culture Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Carmen LaBerge a Christian cultural influencer who serves as a writer, speaker, and Christian talk radio host. She will be a keynote presenter at The Outcomes Conference 2023 in Chicago. Today we share that interview, but first here is…


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