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In every crisis, there are great opportunities!

Opportunities within Crisis By Wesley K. Willmer and Micah Hogan

Never Waste the Opportunities of a Crisis Most likely you have heard the saying, “never waste a crisis” or “with any crisis also comes an opportunity.” The reason is that the chaos of a crisis provides a ripe environment for God to work as change more readily takes place. Particularly during this COVID-19 crisis, the…

Why are your team members not listening to you?

Your Team Isn’t Listening to You By Pam Marmon

5 Reasons Your Team Members Aren’t Listening to Your Ideas We can learn a lot about listening from God’s Word. In the Bible parable of the sower, Jesus describes a hardworking farmer who sows seeds in the land. Some seeds fall on fertile soil, while others fall in thorny land on the side of the…

Learn how to cut through the noise an communicate!

It’s Time to Cut Through the Noise By Pam Marmon

How to Cut Through the Noise and Communicate! In today’s busy world, it can be difficult for leaders to cut through the noise and make an emotional, profound impact on an audience. People see a near-endless stream of ads, messages, and media every day, and it tends to all blend together in a blur of…

Transform. your thinking about organizational change.

Organizational Change By Pam Marmon

8 Rules to Transform How You Think About Organizational Change If you’re leading a disruptive organizational change—a church-wide reorganization, for example—you’re probably feeling the pressure. Both in leadership and elsewhere in life, we’re taught to associate change with pain and discomfort. It’s no surprise then that many people fear transformation and assume the mindset that…

What does leadership in times of great crisis make possible?

Leading in Crisis By Ed McDowell

Leading in a Challenging Time of Crisis We are in a very challenging time of crisis.  Life as we knew it, has changed dramatically and abruptly thanks to a new threat, COVID-19.  The changes are substantial and rapid, with each day bringing about another set of variables and new information requiring rapid responses from leaders…

Responding to crisis - together.

VOMO: Free for COVID-19 Response

VOMO Makes its National Volunteering Platform Free for COVID-19 Response Any organization, in any community, worldwide can use it to mobilize volunteers! As of last week, VOMO (Volunteer Mobilization) made its volunteer management platform free and accessible to any organization mobilizing volunteers and any person who wants to serve during the COVID-19 crisis. In 2019,…

The Call and the Action Plan

A Calling and An Action Plan By Paul Swamidass

The Apostle Paul’s Calling and His Action Plan Every call deserves an action plan. In the epistle to the Romans (Chap 1: 1-17), Apostle Paul described his calling as well as how he acted on his calling. For those, who wonder what their own calling is, and how to translate their calling into action, Paul…

Stewarding the Power of Position

The Stewardship of Power By Howard Rich

The Stewardship of Power and Position Have you ever known someone who let power or position go to his or her head? I’ll bet it was hard for you to follow or respect that leader.  Power is an essential force in human relations that can be used for good or evil, but to be a…

Outcomes Academy Online - Spring 2020

Outcomes Academy Spring 2020

Register Today for The Outcomes Academy Spring 2020 Session! Christian Leadership Alliance is pleased to announce that registration is open for the Outcomes Academy Online Spring 2020 Term. The Outcomes Academy offers in-depth leadership training on a state-of-the-art, dynamic online platform hosted by Los Angeles Pacific University. These interactive and innovative 10-hour modules are developed…

Transitions and change are inevitable

Transition and Change are Inevitable By Rich Kidd

Transition and Change are Inevitable – Growth is Optional I typically handle transition and change like a teenager learning to drive a manual transmission—lots of lurching stops and grinding gears.  The truth is only Jesus Himself has taught me to shift gears smoothly in life’s transitions. In my own life and work, I’ve found a…


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