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Discover the different the Holy Spirit will make to your board governance.

The Holy Spirit and Board Governance By Dr. Gary Hoag

What difference does the Holy Spirit bring to board governance? Board members of Christ-centered churches and ministries face a great temptation. We can fall into the trap of ruling and controlling the work at a church or ministry, rather than serving as overseers of work that belongs to God. How do we avoid this pitfall?…

Increase SEO Value By DJ Chuang

  Six Steps To Increase SEO Value Of Your Nonprofit Website A lot has changed for the internet and search engine optimization (SEO), but there are some tried and true ways to increase your site’s rankings and bring you the traffic you need to grow. Here are six industry-proven steps you can incorporate today. Use…

A Pursuit of Lifelong Learning By W. Scott Brown

Are you dedicated to lifelong learning? Here at Christian Leadership Alliance we believe deeply in lifelong learning. That’s because we know it’s how you will best hone your skills to have lasting impact for Christ. That’s why we’re offering a dynamic lineup of in-depth, yet practical and biblically-based, learning experiences at The Outcomes Conference in Dallas,…

Pursue Your Treasure By Scott Rodin

Pursuing Your Treasure in 2019 When it comes to treasure, sometimes the shortest and simplest words of Jesus are the most profoundly challenging. Consider this well-known teaching of Jesus, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21) Your Pursuit As we begin 2019, it’s a good time to consider the treasure…

Effective Coaching By Heather Mausz

Tips for Effective Coaching As more organizations move away from standard performance reviews in favor of coaching programs that focus on the reward of career growth, many leaders find they need guidance on how to make a coaching program successful. Success relies on both coaches and those being coached keeping a few key things in…

New Year and a Better You

A New Year is the perfect time to invest in becoming a better you! A New Year represents a new beginning and a renewed commitment to becoming a better you. As a nonprofit leader, this is an excellent time to strengthen your leadership and improve  your overall effectiveness.  It has been seen through time that…

Re-focusing generosity that reflects the heart of the Father.

Re-Focused Generosity By Patrick Johnson

Re-Focused Generosity: Mirroring Our Father’s Heart Do you remember what generosity feels like to give a child an unexpected gift? I love recalling when I’ve been sidelined by my love for my children…a meaningful “way-past-my-bedtime” phone call with one in college or a “dad’s-gone nuts-and-mom-may-kill-him” giant sticky ice cream cone before dinner are gifts that…

Anticipation for a Brand-New Year

Are you full of anticipation for what this new year will bring? A new year often comes with a swell of anticipation and sometimes signals significant new beginnings. For some, it marks the continuation of a longer journey of faithfulness and trust. For all it is an opportunity to build on the wisdom gained from…

A Coaching Culture By Heather Mausz

Instilling a Coaching Culture Many organizations have made a strategic decision to depart from the traditional employee performance review system in favor of the more growth-minded option of coaching. In coaching, an employee is paired with a senior employee who works with them on their career progression. For decades, organizations have evaluated employees based on…

Christmas Eve Reflection By Dr. Gary Hoag

Christmas Eve Reflection: New Testament Givers and Their Gifts On this Christmas Eve,  rather than focus on that new home entertainment system, the latest name brand clothing or the newest toys for girls and boys, I want to shift your gaze from this century to real gifts and the givers who presented them in the first century…


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