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Improve Your Work Culture By Dr. Paul White

Three Ways to Improve Your Work Culture Workplace culture has become an increasing focus in the past year (especially its negative aspects) – and rightfully so. The “culture” of our workplace has a huge impact on our daily experiences and how much we enjoy (or don’t) our work. This issue is an important one to…

ONLY By Karen Moore

  The desire of the righteous end only in good. – Proverbs 11:23, NRSV Only is a word we often use to emphasize a point. We might say, “ I only want this one thing!” What we mean is, you should listen to me because I‘ve got a request, and so it deserves to be…

Gratitude by Jon Lewis

  Do you have an attitude of gratitude?   Sometimes it is challenging to find and keep an attitude of gratitude. Right after Christmas, my wife broke her leg in a skiing accident. Thanks to a novice snowboarder who ran into her on our first run down the mountain, my wife found herself with a…

Laughter heals.

Laughter Heals You By Matt Fore

Three Ways Laughter Can Help You Heal Why is laughter so important to all of us?  Well, there are exactly 9 billion medications now available over the counter according to a study I just made up in my head. So, perhaps it’s not quite that many. But it’s a lot. The subject of illness is…

Transactional versus Transformational Giving by Robert Yi

Do you encourage transactional  or transformation giving? Non-profit organizations and their donors have unwittingly created a culture of “transactional giving.” Today’s approach to fundraising is formulaic: offer a simple proposition describing what a specific donation will achieve. $30 provides three laying hens for a family. $38 per month sponsors a child living in poverty. $100…

Wisdom in Trials By Howard Rich

Steward Leaders Seek Wisdom in Trials James 1:1-5 is a passage rich with words about trials for those whom God has entrusted with leadership responsibilities.  As stewards operating in leadership roles, it is wise to be constantly reminded we serve one Lord and one Savior, who is King over one Kingdom. OUR NEED Acknowledging we…

Does God care where we give?

Does God Care? By David Wills

Does God care where we give? God cares about each of us. He allows us to steward financial resources for His glory and our good. He knows that as we glorify Him out of gratitude for His gifts to us, we experience true life. And He desires that we reflect His generosity through our giving.…

What happens when a steward leader is in the storm?

A Steward leader in the Storm by Andrea Leigh Capuyan

How does a steward leader encounter the storm? The storm is raging all around me, and it is raging in me. How can God remain so still? Is he sleeping and unaware? How am I supposed to continue steering this boat when the strong winds blow? Even in the midst of chaos, we remain stewards.…

Winning Goals – Part Two By Dr. Daniel Hallak

  The Heart of Winning Goals – Part Two Decades of research tells us that that goals are a powerful motivational force for winning. The deeper challenge is how to set the right goals and orient our hearts to put effort toward the things that matter most. When we set goals and take action, we…

Winning Goals – Part One By Dr. Daniel Hallak

The Heart of Winning Goals – Part One I’ve been failing at goal setting since my 6th birthday party. My parents created thoughtful birthday games to keep everyone entertained. We started with a round of pin the tail on the donkey in the yard. They surrounded me with my friends, spun me till I was…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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