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Gratitude for Outcomes Conference 2023

Entrusted: Giving Thanks for Those Called to Serve

Thanks to All Who Invest Their Best in Others As we conclude the Outcomes Conference 2023, we give thanks to all those who invested their best for God’s glory and the advancement of his master plan. Collaboration is a core value of the Christian Leadership Alliance and we witnessed it fully expressed through this annual…

Global Digital Expeirence

Entrusted: Convene and Equip Leaders from Every Nation

An Invitation to Convene and Equip Global Christian Leaders This week over 1,000 Christian leaders are in Chicago to convene and equip at the Outcomes Conference 2023. Not only will they sharpen and be sharpened this week, they will choose to take a stand and pay forward the professional training they are experiencing this week.…

Discipleship of your Children with AWANA Rescouces

Entrusted: Discipleship and Your Family

AWANA Provides the Discipleship Resources You Need! At the Outcomes Conference today, in Chicago, Matt Markins takes the Lunch and Learn Mainstage to talk discipleship, specifically about discipleship within our families. Meet Matt Matt Markins serves as the President and CEO of Awana, a global leader in child discipleship. As a leading researcher in child…

He Gets Us. All of Us.

Entrusted: He Gets Us

He Gets Us Has an Agenda There are questions at the heart of He Gets Us. How did the story of a man who taught and practiced unconditional love, peace, and kindness; who spent his life defending the poor and the marginalized; a man who even forgave his killers while they executed him unjustly —…

Outcomes Academy Online Spring 2023

Entrusted: To Learn and Grow Online

The Spring Term of the Outcome Academy Online Is Ready for You! The Outcomes Academy Online runs its Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leadership (CCNL) Program courses four times a year. This spring you can choose from either a required course or an elective that will keep you on track to complete this professional credential. You’ll experience…

Nonprofit Board Governance

Good Nonprofit Board Governance By Rob Faulk and Nathan Davis

Key Steps to Good Nonprofit Board Governance Effective nonprofit boards play a vital role in safeguarding the organization’s overall health and stability. Yet many nonprofit leaders and board members do not fully understand what good board governance entails. As defined in The Handbook of Nonprofit Governance from BoardSource, board governance is the board’s legal authority…

Entrusted with Relationships

Entrusted: Stewarding Relationships Well By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Protect, Care, and Cultivate What Has Been Entrusted to You The theme for the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference, Entrusted, describes a core concept for every leader who wants to be a steward leader. Stewards are the trusted advisors of the One they serve, and they are entrusted to protect, care for, and cultivate all…

Cancellations and the impact on Business Continuity plans

Why You Need a Continuity Plan By Andrew Casanova

Are Possible Cancellations in Your Continuity Plan? As Judeo-Christian values decline in the public sphere and historic Christian beliefs are challenged in growing legislation across America, and ministries need to seriously consider the breadth of their business continuity plan. In addition to making provisions for natural disasters, technological failures, and security breaches, there may be…

A Kingdom view of talent acquisition.

A Kingdom View of Talent by Dr. Rich Kidd

A Different Perspective on Talent Acquisition Somewhere in the 1990’s, businesses borrowed from the entertainment world and began calling their recruiting efforts “talent acquisition.” I don’t mind the term “talent” at all… it’s the word “acquisition” that strikes me as particularly sub-Christian. Acquiring something means you own it. That’s fine if you’re collecting fine wines,…

Perspectives on the Enneagram

A Perspective on the Enneagram By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

The Enneagram-Everywhere Effect Are you tired of the Enneagram-everywhere effect? Cynical about its relevance or accuracy? Think of it as overly complicated. Overtaking the conversations in your social circles? If so, I’m sorry, and I hope this short essay about its practical use prompts you to give it renewed consideration. I frequently use Enneagram insights…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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