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The Battle to be Self-Sufficient By Howard Rich

How does a leader overcome the need to be self-sufficient? Leaders often feel they are supposed to know what to do at all times, have all the answers, cannot have problems, and should be self-sufficient.  Throughout my life, I have battled what I would classify as extreme self-sufficiency, with no small amount of pride welling…

Dreaming Big By Dr. Bev Upton

The Leader’s Call to Dreaming Big The most important aspect of a vision for an organization is that it evokes passion and hope. The two most important stakeholder groups who must resonate with this desired image of the future are those who work in the organization to achieve the vision and those who financially support…

God’s Call to Rest By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

God’s Call to Steward Leaders – Rest As leaders we easily can spend our days focused on growth, forward movement, flourishing – all good things, but for today I invite you to contemplate how God calls you to steward your life and work when you rest in His redemption. “It feels like taking a deep…

Fundamentals for Effective Leadership By Mark Holbrook

Five Fundamentals for Effective Leadership After more than 30 years of experience in the CEO role, I am often asked about the fundamentals I have learned about effective  leadership.  Today I am sharing them here with you. Forget the learning curve It’s more like a slope or cliff, the kind you crawl up, slipping and sliding…

Reflect Jesus By Phyllis Hennecy Hendry

How does a leader reflect Jesus? I don’t know about you, but my heart is racing to think about what it means to reflect Jesus. And at this minute, I am running to the Father just as Jesus did. It’s the only way. We can’t do this on our own. Jesus modeled connection to the…

Strategic Alignment By Tom Okarma

The Significance of Strategic Alignment What does strategic alignment have to do with impact and outcomes? If you stop to think about it, leaders can significantly increase the impact of their nonprofit agencies without spending an extra dime. Say what? Let’s say your agency has: Experienced leadership-CHECK A clear and compelling strategic plan-CHECK The respect and support…

Big Picture Focus By Rick Dunham

The Challenge of Keeping the Big Picture in Focus One of the most important—yet hardest—things is to keep the big picture front and center. It’s just so easy to get sucked into the immediate… respond to the stuff that screams for our attention… and to be overwhelmed by the flood of things that come our…

The Impact of One Decision By Scott Rodin

The One Decision Leaders Make that Drives Everything They Do In my work as a consultant for not-for-profit organizations, I ask one question to start almost every consultation: “How do you define success?” I have found that this question more than any other helps define an organization’s mission, values, and motivations. The same is true…

Ready or Not, Here Comes Change! By Alan G. Weisenberger

  Readiness for Change is up to you! Unless you’ve been asleep like Rip Van Winkle, you know that change is a constant in today’s world.  But just because it’s constant doesn’t mean we’re good at it. It would be easier if we all viewed it the same way.  But inevitably, while some are clamoring…

The Art of Strategic Thinking By William A. Horton

What is strategic thinking?  In Becoming a Strategic Leader, the authors state that strategic thinking can be defined as, “The collection, interpretation, generation, and evaluation of information and ideas that shape an organization’s sustainable competitive advantage.” Similarly, T. Irene Sanders in Strategic Thinking and the New Science, says thinking strategically involves a combination of an…


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