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Move Away, Toward, and Beyond By Mark L. Vincent

    What changes when you move in a different direction? The way you move could reveal where you stand today. I’ve not put any headers on the three columns, above. There is something in me that resists labels and categories at this cultural moment. They all too easily end up in name-calling. You might…

Five ways to CHANGE the focus of your board meetings!

5 Ways to Focus Board Meetings By Randy Bronkema

5 Ways to Change the Focus of Your Board Meetings You can begin to change the focus your board meeting and achieve great and meaningful work by focusing on five key priorities. Mission First Every time you meet, review the mission and make this a focus. Ensure that your organization has a clear view of…

it is time that I should become, less.

The Time to Become Less By Howard Rich

Stewards Know When It is Time to Become Less Take a moment and think back to a time when you were placed in a new leadership where someone was willing to become less significant because of your new assignment.  Was there an advocate that believed in your abilities?  Did someone push you along? Our Advocates…

Culture matters most: Four Pillars of Romans 15:5

Culture Over Vision or Mission By Doug Mazza

The Culture far outweighs an organization’s vision or mission. Your culture is more important to your success than your vision or mission. All sustainable success requires a great culture. “May the God who gives endurance, and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one…

A Virtual Study in Justice

Learn about Outrageous Justice by Prison Fellowship Ministries

  Outrageous Justice and An Invitation to Learn More God calls His people to seek justice. But given the complexities of our criminal justice system, how can the followers of Jesus have a clear understanding of the issues and take action to promote peace and restoration? The Need To that end, Prison Fellowship has released…

Timeless words of wisdom

Timeless Words of Great Wisdom By Scott Rodin

Timeless Words of Great Wisdom Are Here for You Timely words of great wisdom seem to live a circular existence. When first uttered, they amaze and inspire. However, after continued use and overuse, they become trite and are set aside. After their time in exile from popularity most will one day find their way back…

A proactive path that glorifies God.

The Proactive Path By Paul Swamidass

The Proactive Path to a Goal There is a proactive path that will glorify God and we see a vivid example in scripture. And behold, some men were bringing on a bed a man who was paralyzed, and they were seeking to bring him in [to the house] and lay him before Jesus, but finding…

The other side of anxious

Living on the Other Side of Anxious By Mark L. Vincent

Learning to Become Anxious for Nothing Being non anxious is a pretty handy gift during Pandemic Time! I’ve been teased as a person who never gets riled – and more than once given the nickname Yoda by people who don’t even know each other. I don’t think that never riled is accurate, because when anger…

The conversation we need to have at the table - together.

Can We Have The Conversation? By David Sanford

The Conversation We Need to Have – Together It’s time for us to have the conversation. It’s time for black and white to gather at the table, together.  Can we have a conversation just like Dietrich Bonhoeffer? Another Christian leader confided to me: “I almost feel powerless to do anything about racial justice…. What do…

Be still. Know that I am God.

Be Still By Zenet Maramara

The Gift of Being Still Be still, cease from striving, rest, relax. Prior to the Corona virus pandemic, these were luxuries we hardly afforded ourselves. We had more work than the actual hours of the day. We were so caught up in the busyness of the life, work demands, expectations, as well as self-imposed pressures.…


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