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To equip and unite Christian nonprofit professionals who are called to transform the world for Christ.





Geopolitical unrest, economic uncertainty, moral failures among Christian leaders—the list goes on of examples that highlight the fact that "such a time as this" demands the most courageous and humble leaders to step forward and steward the opportunities ahead of us to see God's Kingdom come on earth.

However, the challenges remain to start, sustain, scale, and grow the impact of Christ-centered nonprofits. 

As we have seen, leadership development most effectively occurs at the crossroads of community, content, and experiential growth. Christian Leadership Alliance creates an opportunity for all three and a path to overcome the reasons derailing ministries.

There are two distinct ways your investment through the Christian Leadership Alliance can close the competency gap and equip leaders for significant kingdom impact.  

Make a Difference with an investment for the good of all Christian nonprofit professionals and the organizations they serve. 

Your decision to give through the Christian Leadership Alliance strengthens the ways in which community, content, and experiential growth build Christian nonprofits' character, competencies, and capacity.

Your generosity to the General Fund fuels momentum in three core areas:

  1. Developing new resources and experiences based on emerging trends and expressed felt needs.
  2. Unlocking new platform functionality for greater access, online collaboration, and training experiences. 
  3. Enabling relevant research designed to improve nonprofit effectiveness and efficiencies.

To impact these areas, please direct your gift to the General Fund.

Make a Difference with an investment in the Global Leader Fund.

The Global Leader Fund allows you to provide international scholarships and the support required to convene and equip Christian nonprofit professionals worldwide.

Every $50 you invest in this fund will enable an international leader to attend the Outcomes Global Digital Experience 2024 and engage in the Global Leadership Community Hub for six months. 

This combination of training and community accelerates professional growth.

The Class of 2024-2025 launches with the

Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience

September 1 - October 31, 2024

Over 100 shared learning experiences are offered, including recorded and live broadcasts. All training focuses on developing mission-critical competencies and increasing leadership capacity!

Please direct your gift to the Global Leader Fund to impact training leaders worldwide.


Give a one-time donation or activate monthly giving to fuel God's plan to transform the world for Christ. Together, we can respond to the call to do more, reach further, and advance global kingdom impact.


Generosity is an expression of our obedience to God. Thank you for prayerfully advancing God's purpose through the Christian Leadership Alliance. Your gift today accelerates and multiplies kingdom outcomes.




Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will be watered.

Proverbs 11:25, ESV