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Sharpening Christian Nonprofit Professionals for Greater Kingdom Impact


Christ-centered leaders with mission-critical competency are needed more than ever.

For over 48 years, Christian Leadership Alliance has put its years of experience in the “stewardship” of ministry to work for its members.

The Alliance convenes and trains Christian nonprofits and their employees across all experience levels.

Discover a community dedicated to increasing your capacity so that when God says, "Go!"  ~  you go fast.

Connect with a Collaborative Community

Community is where Alliance members collaborate with peers to share strategic advice, solve challenges and develop new approaches.



Discover communities and experiences to enrich your professional development.



Find others with whom you may seek advice and share common challenges.



Join in discussions with your peers and industry leaders to expand your knowledge.


Professional Development

Collaborative Community

Encouragement | Inspiration

Christ-like Leadership Training

A live event for a leader like you!



Christian Leadership Alliance

A Center for Online Learning Experiences

Select Self-Paced On-Demand Training Sessions

Engage in Facilitated Cohort Learning Experiences

Become a Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader


Outcomes Academy Online

Wise Perspectives and Practical Applications



Insights to Expand Your Leadership Capacity

CLATV provides access to Christian thought leaders and doers.

Here, we showcase the podcasts of Alliance members! 

These organizations are ready to invest their best in others for the good of all.

Bookmark the CLATV landing page so your return is only one click away!




"I cannot tell you how incredible the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference has been in my professional development journey. It is good when God’s people dwell together in unity and that is exactly what happens each and every year at Outcomes.

It is a can’t miss event for me! "

- Mollie Yoder, Marketing Vice President, Trevecca University


“High quality training with opportunities to realize practical results for my ministry. The challenge is in determining which of the great ideas to implement first!”

~ Carl Dawson, CEO, His Healing Hands


"Christian Leadership Alliance is of benefit for both the organization I lead and for me as the director. Not only do we benefit from the training we receive, but also from the connections we make. I am grateful for all the Alliance does to connect passion with sound business practices to enable us to serve the Lord and pursue our mission with excellence."

~ Cindy Finley  Executive Director  RiverCross


“It is amazing the topics and lessons imparted at the Outcomes Conference. I was surprised how isolated my country is compared to what is happening in other countries. We don’t have anything like this experience! No one is teaching these things in Peru. God Bless you all, and thank you for this experience.”

Jaime Sanchez, Christian Business Leader, Peru


"Christian Leadership Alliance  helps me focus on the importance of what our ultimate purpose glorify God and make Him known, and bringing back ways to instill this in greater ways in my organization/ministry."

~ Melody Wright, Director of Development, FCCI