Christian Leadership Alliance exists to equip and unite leaders called to transform the world for Christ. Each year leaders from across the country, and around the world, gather at The Outcomes Conference to grow professionally, strengthen community connections, and learn about operational excellence from a biblical worldview.

The Outcomes Conference Podcast captures the voices of Alliance members who participated in The Outcomes Conference. NEW episodes are scheduled each month!

We invite you to tune in and discover more about our featured guests, their faith journey, and how God has uniquely called them to serve in his redemptive plan. This podcast will give you new insights and connect you more deeply to the mission and services of other Alliance members.

You will be able to listen to current and past episodes via CLATV Leadership Podcast Channel.

Meet The Outcomes Conference Podcast Hosts

Podcast Hosts

We are grateful for Christian Leadership Alliance members, Jim and Martha Brangenberg. They are best known as the hosts of the iWork4Him radio program and podcast that broadcasts to share testimonies, feature authors and speakers and tackle topics that encourage you to look at your workplace as your mission field.

The Alliance appreciates their radio and podcast sponsor, The Pocket Testament League, another Christian Leadership Alliance member. Because of their sponsorship, this content also airs on the #IWork4Him radio network! We celebrate collaboration that advances the mission of Christ-centered leaders and the organizations they serve.


June Release: June 8, 2020

Featured Guest: Dr. Teresa Moon

Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership Alliance - Institute for Cultural Communicators

This month we feature Dr. Teresa Moon, the founding President and CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC). She shares how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application. ICC creates high value for its participants by offering a variety of effective learning and mentoring experiences. These experiences help students gain confidence and competence in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.