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Around the world, cross borders are coffee bean strategies.

Cross Border Giving Around the World By Dr. Gary Hoag

Constructive Cross Border Giving Around the World As we draw closer to Christ and grow in generosity, our heart of compassion enlarges for addressing big needs around the world. People cry for help, and we want to respond. But often our aid creates unhealthy dependency on external support. What if there is a way to…

The poor widow who gave it all.

Remarkable Truths About A Widow By David Sanford

4 Remarkable Truths in the Story of a Poor Widow Who Gave All How often do widows come up in the Gospels? Surprisingly, a lot! The most famous widow’s story is found at the end of Mark 12. At first, what Jesus appears to do (and not do) causes many readers to wince. Even worse?…

Countdown Timers

How to Create Urgency in Digital Campaigns By Jason Wood

Two Highly Effective Ways to Increase Urgency in Digital Campaigns Creating a sense of urgency in digital fundraising is an effective way to increase results, which can lead to a greater impact for your organization. But how? Here are two highly useful visual tactics you can incorporate into your next online campaign: countdown timers and…

Relationships Break the Rules!

Attention Non-profits – It’s Not About Fundraising By Tom Atema

Attention Non-profits, it all about relationships! Non-profits have become way too transactional, and are losing sight of their mandate. It started before we ever heard the word Coronavirus, Covid or Covid-19. For sure, 2020, accelerated my concern as I worked with and studied many non-profits. I speak with people in the non-profit world every day…

I Belong

A Place Where You Belong – Outcomes Conference 2022

  I Belong – You Belong I Belong is the theme of The Outcomes Conference 2022.  Presented by Christian Leadership Alliance, this is the annual gathering of Christian leaders who are united in purpose and passionate about advancing kingdom outcomes. The Alliance For more than 45 years Christian Leadership Alliance has been a place of…

Post-Covid Charitable Giving

Outomes Webcast: Charitable Giving Strengthening in Post-Covid Recovery

Advancing Christian Ministries as Charitable Giving Strengthens in Post-COVID Recovery In a  2020 major donor giving study conducted by Dickerson Bakker,  Charitable Giving in the Wake of COVID, it was reported that 85% of mid-level and major donors were intending to give the same or more to charities that year, despite the challenges related to…

Focus on Design that matters most!

Three Design Qualities that Get Results By Catalina Chavez

It’s time to focus on what matters in design! Prettier design isn’t always better. Design is more than just making your next direct response fundraising piece (digital or print) look good. It’s about making it something that’s designed to get results! Good design evokes emotion and action. It allows your donors to know exactly what…

Staffing crisis - please join our team!

The Nonprofit Staffing Crisis By Molly Dickerson McKinley

The Staffing Crisis That’s Hitting Nonprofits A new report on America’s multi-billion-dollar nonprofit fundraising industry suggests it is on the brink of a staffing crisis that could affect millions of people. America’s 1.5 million-plus charitable organizations face a “severe shortage of qualified fundraisers” that could seriously restrict their efforts to raise critically needed funds —…

Ask and give

A Duty to Ask and A Duty to Give By Ron Haas

Is your greatest sense of duty to ask or to give? John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  realized that the duty to ask and  the duty to give were both important functions. He once remarked, “Never think you need to apologize for asking someone to give to a worthy object, any more than as though you were…

The Sources of all Resources

Our Ultimate Source for Resources By Kim Triller

 The Importance of the Knowing the Source for all Resources The founders of the Christian non-profit organization, in which I serve, realized 40 years ago three key truths about resources: The work of a Gospel sharing non-profit had to have God as the first and premiere resource for all that it would need. It should…


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