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Maximizing Philanthropic Impact By Westfall Gold

Philanthropic Impact for Nonprofit Christian Leaders

Philanthropy plays a crucial role in advancing that mission. As leaders within the nonprofit Christian sector, we are deeply committed to stewarding our ministries and lives with excellence, honoring God.

The 2024 Major Donor Generosity Report, compiled by Westfall Gold, offers valuable insights into significant donor engagement and the transformative potential of strategic philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropic Trends

In a world shaped by global events and economic shifts, the landscape of philanthropy continues to evolve. Despite these changes, the spirit of generosity among donors, especially religious donors, continues to endure.

The report highlights a consistent upward trend in giving, reflecting people’s enduring commitment to supporting transformative causes. While overall giving experienced a slight decrease in 2023 compared to peak pandemic years, it still surpasses pre-pandemic levels, showcasing unwavering generosity, in many cases inspired by faith.

Insights for Nonprofit Christian Leaders:

  1. Unrestricted Giving Flourishes: Demonstrating faithful stewardship and presenting a compelling case for support are essential in fostering unrestricted giving. By showcasing the impact of our ministries and financial stewardship, we inspire donors to give sacrificially, enabling us to address critical needs.
  2. Mid-Level Donors Demonstrate Growth: Cultivating relationships with mid-level donors is an opportunity for kingdom advancement. By nurturing these relationships and providing opportunities for meaningful engagement, we strengthen our support base and empower fellow stewards to invest their time, treasure, and talent in nonprofit missions.
  3. Re-Engaging Lapsed Donors: Revitalizing relationships with lapsed donors is critical to funding important missions. By effectively communicating our vision and impact, we inspire lapsed donors to return with renewed generosity, bringing hope to those in need.
  4. The Power of Gatherings: Hosting gatherings is an opportunity to foster community and shared purpose among donors. By strategically incorporating gatherings into our fundraising efforts, we strengthen relationships and mobilize support, ultimately bringing about lasting transformation.
  5. Impact of Relationship Managers: Skilled relationship managers foster meaningful connections and encourage increased giving. By investing in dedicated relationship managers, we can effectively engage donors and maximize the impact of their contributions.

As nonprofit Christian leaders, the insights from the 2024 Major Donor Generosity Report offer valuable guidance for stewarding ministries with excellence. By embracing these insights and adopting strategic philanthropic approaches rooted in faith, we inspire generosity, bring hope, and transform lives for the glory of God.

The Generosity Report showcases the remarkable success in raising a record-breaking $316 million through 47 Major Donor Experiences in 2023. These experiences, designed to inspire, educate, and foster community among major donors, saw an increase in average gift size to $206,120 per family. Moreover, 88% of gifts received were unrestricted support for transformative causes.


Westfall Gold is a live experience design agency and major donor fundraising consultancy for organizations passionate about advancing good. By leveraging the power of gathering, Westfall Gold has helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations move their donors from casually engaged to deeply invested, resulting in more than $2 Billion to fuel life transformation worldwide.

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