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Fall Outcomes Academy Online 2019

It’s time for the Fall Outcomes Academy Online 2019 At Christian Leadership Alliance, it’s time for Christ-centered nonprofit leaders to go back to school at the Outcomes Academy Online. The Academy offers in-depth leadership training for those who want to expand their operational effectiveness. The  interactive 10-hour modules were developed by some of America’s top…

Producing and Multiplying Leaders By Alex McElroy

  Are you producing leaders who produce leaders? A lot can be gleaned about producing leader from baking. In both of these endeavors, if you don’t fully comprehend what you’re creating then you won’t know if you’re doing it right or wrong. The goal has to inform the process. One young lady wrote about an…

Stewards Plan by Faith By Howard Rich

God builds your faith as you plan. Christians often feel a tension between developing a plan and faith, resulting in an artificial divide when it comes to making decisions as a steward of what God has entrusted into our care.  This tension plays itself out by implying that planning is a secular exercise and relying…

Worry Less and Live More By Matt Fore

3 Ways to Worry Less and Live More Have you ever noticed how the phrase “Don’t worry about it,” gets thrown around like a legitimate solution to serious dilemmas? Maybe that’s just a way to change the subject and escape. “Why the long face Jim?” his friend Larry asked one day as they passed in…

Get Your Website Donor-Ready By Rob Flint Jr.

It’s time to get your website donor-ready for fall! Organizations, for the most part, understand the importance and alum of a website. Most realize that their website is like the front door of a store or church. And everyone wants a website that looks good, is clean, inviting – and most important – easy to…

The Servant Leadership Style By Prem Kumar Devasahayam Lee

Steward The Servant Leadership Style I have always struggled with the dominant leadership style, that seems to automatically be practiced by everyone. I am the leader or the head, and it is my vision, and I get things done. Where is the Servant Leadership style that Jesus taught? The Vision as a driving force for…

God’s Plan for Labor By Tami Heim

You’ve been called to labor for the Master’s plan! The US Department of Labor gives us context for why we celebrate Labor Day. This year marks the 125th Anniversary of this national holiday. It originated as a way for the country to celebrate the labor movement and the many achievements of workers in America. While…

Outcomes Conference 2020: Meet Matt Bird

Meet Matt Bird: Keynote Speaker at The Outcomes Conference 2020 Matt Bird will be among the keynote speakers for Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes Conference 2020. Today we invite you to learn more about Matt and how he is on mission to unite leaders to transform their cities for God’s glory! MATT’S  STORY Matt Bird is…

In the Beginning – Steward Partners By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Partners in stewardship was the original plan! Adam and Eve, male and female, were created together as stewards, not as solitary agents. Together, they create a model of true stewardship, which is a mutual, collaborative partnership. God’s calling of stewards in the Garden is not a singular, individual calling – it is communal, inclusive and…

Job Title and Charitable Giving By John Curtis

Don’t think Your job title can hurt charitable giving?  Russell James, Ph.D. at Texas Tech University has recently completed the first-ever study of the Effectiveness of Fundraiser Job Titles. His findings should give any Christian organization’s Development or Advancement staff reason to pause and, perhaps, move away from organization-centered titles to more donor-focused titles… his…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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