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Outcomes Conference 2023 Book of the Year

Announcing the Outcomes Conference 2023 Book of the Year!

Book of the Year – A Daring Faith in A Cowardly World Christian Leadership Alliance announces the Outcomes Conference 2023 Book of the Year, A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World: Living a Live without Waste, Regret or Anything Left Unfinished, By Ken Harrison. He serves as the Chairman of Promise Keepers and also as…

Humility and Leadership

Humility and Leadership By Dr. Kayon Cameron

Humility in Leadership Reflects Christ Humility and leadership are two words that are always congruent when discussed in leadership. The expectation is that a leader should be humble, but one cannot help but wonder if the expectation of humility has changed over time. Not just in the world but also in religious practices? Merriam-Webster defines humility as…

Attending to someone's story.

Attending to the Story of Others By Dr. Zenet Maramara

Living the Story that God Designs The Bible is where we find the story about God; in it, we also find ours. God included us in his story and His divine self-revelation through the Scripture gives us a deeper understanding of who we are in the light of his account. In the beginning, God created…

Words have power and inflluence

The Power of Words By Ron Henry

Words You Speak Carry Power and Influence Do we realize that the choice of words defines who we are along with our positioning in family, friends, and the workplace? Words Have Influence   Many words we use today are polarizing.  We assume that those we are in communication with have similar definitions and think like us.  …

Commitment over Indifference

Indifference or Commitment By Ed McDowell

The Invitation to Commitment  The invitation of Jesus Christ is a commitment to have relationship with Him and the Church to reach the world with the invitation to be reconciled to God and live victoriously with Him forever. This invitation to hear Jesus Christ knocking and speaking will always be accepted and responded to by…

Embracing the Gift of Joy

How to Fill up With Joy By Tom Harper

Embrace Joy! There are certain people that are full of joy and happy all the time. And then there’s me. And probably you. We have more ups and downs. More moods and attitudes. We’re tired, wired, or just want to retire. Too many of us rely on coffee to get us up in the morning…

Navigatinh the waters of a leadership journey

Navigating the Waters By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Navigating the Waters of A Leader’s Journey Recently, my husband, Wayne, and I enjoyed kayaking off the Florida Keys in the clear blue waters of the Gulf. We found ourselves meandering through mangrove tunnels. My mind began to ponder the parallels of my journey as a ministry leader. While our excursion was sheer pleasure, there…

A jar of dirt may change your life!

How a Jar of Dirt Can Save America By Scott Rodin

What will you do with a jar of dirt? What will we learn from a jar of dirt when It’s difficult to enter 2023 without some sense of foreboding? We seem to be living in an unrelenting tension between our firm conviction that God is on the throne, and the evidence of a nation that…

Another New Year, Welcome 2023


A NEW YEAR COMES WITH NEW POSSIBILITIES The new year of 2023 has arrived and now you have this extra holiday Monday to consider what’s ahead for you. You also have today to make sure you’ve gained full closure on the events and experiences from 2022.  If you allow unresolved things to linger, before you…


The Power of Examination By Zándra Bishop

Take the Time to Complete a Thoughtful Examination A comprehensive examination of the growth and development of people and the workplace can be beneficial for all parties involved. The evolution of the modern workforce and workplace demands a lot from individuals and businesses. It is important to understand the purpose of evolution and how it…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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