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Lost in the Maze and Searching for the Way Out

Lost in a Maze of Self-Reliance By Scott Rodin

Lost and The Need for the Way Out Sometimes leaders lose their way. Amidst personnel challenges, cultural pressures, financial uncertainties, and self-doubt, we can muddle along, unsure where we are going. Unexpected challenges, unsuccessful strategies, criticism of our best efforts, and rapid change can bring us uncertainty, lack of direction, and even despair. Do you…

Summer Reads 2023

Summer Books For a Leader Like You!

Summer Books To Inspire Your Leadership Journey Summer books are a great way to sharpen and expand your thinking. W. Scott Brown, Vice President of Learning Experience and Resources for Christian Leadership Alliance, has curated s list of books perfect for summer reading! He has also added helpful overviews and a few podcasts by some…

It is our call to action!

It’s A Call to Action by Dr. Marybeth Leavell

Do you have a call to action? I was immediately intrigued by the title and focus of this book, A Call to Action. It is accurate in its assessment of the culture and challenging in its assessment of the need. Dr. Scott Rodin articulately declared this need for action in the preface by stating: “As…

Outcomes Academy Summer Term 2023

Outcomes Academy Summer Term Is Ready for You!

Outcomes Academy Summer Term is Open for Registration The Outcomes Academy Online runs its Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leadership (CCNL) Program courses four times a year. This summer, you can choose from either a required course or an elective that will keep you on track to complete this professional credential. You’ll experience ten weeks in an interactive cohort that includes…

Actual photo of the plane's path courtesy of Jon Lewis

Directed Steps By Jon Lewis

Directed Steps and Unexpected Paths Two hours into our transatlantic flight, I could tell something was wrong. Having made the long, ten-hour journey from Frankfurt, Germany to Denver, Colorado many times in the past, and having been a former mission pilot myself, I knew that the shortest, great route course was one that should take us straight…

The WOW of Creation!

The WOW of Creation By Dr. Bob Snyder

God’s Splendor on Display in Creation “For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” ~ Romans 1:20, NIV  God’s eternal power and divine nature are visible to me…

The path to passion and purpse!

Finding Your True Passion By Elaine Welcome

A Journey to Finding Passion and Purpose Fully understanding your passion can change everything about your life. Have you ever wished to attain the state of “working” without feeling like working? To ensure that every day is an exciting opportunity instead of a mundane task, why not invest in knowing your passion and ensuring that…

Perspective-setting and monthers!

A Mother’s Day Reflection By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

Celebrating a Mother’s Lifelong Influence With this past Sunday’s Mother’s Day in mind, Maestro-level leaders Founder Dr. Mark L. Vincent wrote this reflection. Today we share it with you! It was initially written for the Maestro-level leader cohort participants that receive a brief, perspective-setting note each Sunday as one resource for the cadence of the…

The Romans Road

The Romans Road of Leadership By Dr. Kayon Cameron

The Romans Road to Leading Well As a believer in Christ Jesus, you may not know the Romans Road to leading well. It is vital for any Christ-follower who holds a position of influence to lead their team well. One of the crucial things for a leader is to make decisions based on information provided…

Spring Reads just for you!

Christian Leadership Alliance’s Spring Reads for a Leader Like You

Spring Reads You Won’t Want to Miss! W. Scott Brown, VP of Learning Experiences and Resources for Christian Leadership Alliance, curates reading recommendations for Spring 2023. (And some you will want to pick up later this summer!) Drum roll, please! OUTCOMES CONFERENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR: 1. A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World: Live…


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