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What kind of leader am I?

What Kind of Leader Am I? By Eddie Baugher

Choosing Between Being a Serving or a Self-Serving Leader As we consider the question, “Am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?” We need to do so with honesty through God’s eyes (as He sees us).  I believe this is difficult but not impossible to do.  Early Narratives From a very young age we…

Outcomes Conference 2022

I Belong By Ed McDowell

I Belong and So Do You Yet I still belong to you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Psalms 73:23-‬24 NLT The desire to belong is part of every person. We are designed to belong to God, living in a relationship with the creator…

Outcomes Conference 2022

I Belong! An Alliance for Leaders Like You By W. Scott Brown

The Outcomes Conference 2022 “I Belong!” The Outcomes Conference 2022, April 26-28, in Louisville, Kentucky was themed “I Belong!” This dynamic event brought together like-minded leaders, who are on a journey of becoming lifelong friends through a shared passion for God’s kingdom work in our world today. I love the way Christian Leadership Alliance president…

Abandoned by the Father

Abandoned by the Father By Tami Heim

Abandoned by the Father for Our Sins Today Christ followers observe Good Friday and remember the day when Jesus was abandoned by the Father. It was on this day Jesus become the final sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. In Robby Gallaty’s book, The Forgotten Jesus: How Western Christians should Follow an Eastern…

Michael J. Mantel - Living Water International

Outcomes Conference 2022: Meet Dr. Michael J. Mantel

Meet Michael J. Mantel: Mainstage Speaker for the Annual Men’s Breakfast Dr. Michael J. Mantel, CEO of Living Water International, will be joining the Christian Leadership Alliance community at the Outcomes Conference 2022, April 26-28.  Michael will share his story of how death, a diagnosis, natural disasters, and financial concerns launched Living Water International, into…

Learning to wait grows your leadership

Waiting Produces Leadership Growth By Marybeth Leavell

Learn How Waiting Produces Leadership Growth in You The concept of stewardship is rooted in various psychological and sociological theories. Within the Christian stewardship research stream, the steward leader may act as a representative of the owners, directors, or stakeholders, but ultimately serves God, the owner of all. The leader’s internal motivation to be a…

Spring Term - Outcomes Academy Online

Outcomes Academy Spring – A Season of New Growth

Time to enroll in the Outcomes Academy Online 2022! The Spring Term at the Outcomes Academy Online signals a time of new growth. We make it easy! At Christian Leadership Alliance we know growth and transformation happens from the inside out. Alliance leaders don’t want to only demonstrate strong leadership, but they long to be…

The Accountability of a Steward Leader

Embracing Accountability By Andrea Capuyan

Embracing Accountability for a Steward Leader A commitment to stewarding leadership indeed stewarding our whole life requires a commitment to accountability because the heart of stewarding life is the acknowledgment of communal care. Goodness is found when we embrace our frailty and flaws…creating opportunities that impact the best interest of ourselves and others. This is…

Newt Crenshaw, CEO, Young Life

Outcomes Conference 2022: Meet Newt Crenshaw

Meet Newt Crenshaw – Mainstage Presenter at The Outcomes conference 2022 Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Newt Crenshaw, President and CEO of Young Life.  We are honored he will take the mainstage during The Outcomes Conference 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky, April 26-28 NEWT’S JOURNEY Newt Crenshaw brings extensive experience and…

Spiritual Insights from Benjamin

The Spiritual Insights of Benjamin By Dr. Mark L. Vincent

Learning from the Spiritual Insights of Benjamin My spiritual journey during a COVID pandemic has been to read through the Apocrypha and, more recently, the Pseudepigrapha. Digging more deeply into the literature surrounding the time of Christ’s Advent and the couple of centuries that followed where devout Hebrews and followers of the Way (increasingly called…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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