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Springtime, You, and Outcomes Academy Online!

Transformational Learning is Happening at the Spring Outcomes Academy Online

Spring is here, and it is time for you to enter a transformational learning experience. By enrolling in the Outcomes Academy Online Spring term, you will engage in a 10-week online cohort to educate, challenge, and expand your leadership capacity. If you are enrolled in the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program, both courses earn 20 points towards completing this distinction!

Mark Your Calendar and Register

There is just one week left to enroll in the Outcomes Academy Spring Term!

Registration Deadline: Mon, March 25, 2024
Courses Begin: Mon, April 1, 2024

All members must use their Alliance credentials to register!

The Heart of the Leader | Cultivating a Spiritually Healthy Heart

Defining our “why” is not an easy task. It requires soul-searching, understanding one’s core life values, and a desire for a destination that’s much more than pure profit or personal success. Because we believe that successful leadership begins on the inside, this course intentionally focuses on a leader’s heart motivation, our “why” first.

This course will explore critical questions every leader must answer, the differences between a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart, and how understanding and embracing our identity and an accurate self-awareness will make us much more effective influencers. 

Faculty: Tami Heim, CCNL – President & CEO

Category: CCNL Elective



CCNL2 | Stewardship | Faithful Care of Ministry Resources

The course is designed to provide the leader of a nonprofit organization an executive-level view of what is required for the God-honoring stewardship of finance, tax, legal, and people management and care. Attention to these foundational aspects of leading a ministry well is essential to establishing excellence and transparency.

Faculty: Joelle Peelgren – Founder/Principal, DeGenaro Peelgren Associates

Category: CCNL



About the Academy Sponsor

Christian Leadership Alliance is grateful for the faithful support of Cornerstone Management and their faithful sponsor support of The Outcomes Academy Online. Their commitment to investing in Christian nonprofit development is central to who they are. They have provided independent financial planning services to Christian nonprofit organizations for over 30 years. Their clients’ work spans the globe, and likewise, they cast their vision globally when considering the many factors that drive their financial growth.

If you attend the Outcomes Conference 2024, you will have an opportunity to meet the team, and Byran Taylor, their CEO, will be presenting this breakthrough workshop:

Worthy of the Gift

Learn how the merger of organizational and personal worthiness can create the synergy necessary to move your constituents from “Donors to” your organization to “Champions for” your organization! Outcomes: 1) Embrace the concepts of organizational and personal worthiness, 2) Recognize how organizational and personal worthiness are linked to the receipt of transformational gifts, and 3) Apply insights from an outline of key elements of organizational and personal worthiness to better engage donors for transformational gifts.

We encourage you to learn more about all the services Cornerstone Management has for you!


What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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