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Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line By Mark L. Vincent

The Third Line Matters Most You are likely part of an associational system or line in some aspect of your life. WAIT! Don’t stop reading! This statement means that the place you do business, your work in a ministry organization or nonprofit, your congregational home, your family, your involvement in a civic organization, your participation with…

Value Investment Alignment

Values Alignment In Investing By Richard Todd and Sarah Newman

Asking Questions About Values Alignment Investing is More Important Than Ever! Biblically responsible investing in the faith-based institutional world is growing as more products come onto the market, making it easier for faith-based institutions to invest in alignment with their beliefs. There are no official published screening guidelines for Protestants to follow, but most agree…

Fixed Rate Investments

The (New) Best Practices for Fixed-Rate Investments By Jeremy Moore

Optimize the Return on Your Investments Like all nonprofit organizations, faith-based institutions strive to maximize their investment returns with little or no risk. When we discuss portfolio composition with our clients, fixed-rate investments, such as money market funds, certificates of deposit (CDs), or even bonds, are often the favored ways to make their cash reserves…

Outcomes Academy Spring Term 2024

Springtime, You, and Outcomes Academy Online!

Transformational Learning is Happening at the Spring Outcomes Academy Online Spring is here, and it is time for you to enter a transformational learning experience. By enrolling in the Outcomes Academy Online Spring term, you will engage in a 10-week online cohort to educate, challenge, and expand your leadership capacity. If you are enrolled in…

Unlock Financial Resources

Modeling Generosity Unlocks Financial Resources By Chris McDaniel

Rethink Your Approach to Financial Resources A common challenge for Christian leaders is to secure financial resources for ministry. I certainly experienced this when I was tasked with raising them. Frequently, ministries are looking for a magic button to push to increase giving by asking why the board does not provide more; how about more…

The Best Use of Wealth

The Best Use of Wealth By John M. Thornton

A Biblical Perspective on Wealth Quickly skim through the “Red Letter” section of the Bible, and you’ll find that Jesus has much to say about wealth. Yet there is only one place where he tells us the best use of wealth. In an odd and confusing little parable, the Parable of the Shrewd Manager, Jesus…

time o invest

When Is the Best Time to Invest? By Sarah Newman

When is the best time for a nonprofit to invest? In every portfolio construction presentation to nonprofit organizations, we anticipate this question: “What dollar amount is right to invest in our organization’s excess funds?” Some nonprofits want to start a foundation or endowment with a targeted dollar amount. Some organizations also look for an answer…

Tha Path to Sustainability

Sustainability According to the Scriptures by Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Mindset for the Sustainability of Churches and Ministries What mindset should stewards have regarding the sustainability of operations? Churches and ministries need funding to address local needs, aid those in crisis, teach students, and deploy missionaries. The world says, “Resources are scarce. Supply is limited to man’s capacity. So, as a result, you must hoard…

  NEW Launch 10.1.23

Discover How to Sharpen Your Aim! By W. Scott Brown

Come and Experience AIM: Alliance Insights Modules Christian Leadership Alliance introduces NEW self-paced courses called AIM: Alliance Insights Modules. These dynamic digital modules will equip you and your team in critical areas of Christian nonprofit leadership, from donor development to caring for employees, to stewarding your soul as a leader, and so much more! This…

Hoag monument

Leaving a Legacy of Christian Generosity by Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Lessons in Modeling Christian Generosity A dear friend, John Stanley, asked me about my family while we were fly fishing a few years back, and I shared what my grandparents and parents had done to leave a legacy of Christian generosity. He inspired me to write about it. Fly fishing with him again recently inspired…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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