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Therefore By Krista Besselman

A Poem of Purpose by Krista Bessleman

As the Outcomes Conference 2024 closes, Krista Besselman shares a poem that captures the heart of this year’s theme: therefore.

Krista found a heart for missions accounting in Papua New Guinea and still uses what she learned in her seven years there to support Bible translation from Texas. She writes poetry to process life’s ups, downs, and crises. Her favorite poems call herself—and others—to remember God’s faithfulness in every situation.  We trust this will encourage you today!


In the neighborhoods around us

And the streets of distant lands,

There are souls that need the Savior,

Therefore, go as He commands.

There are many trapped in darkness.

Where the chains of sin are curled.

There is hope and life in Jesus,

Therefore, go and tell the world.

There is faith that comes from hearing

There’s a Word they need to hear.

By His power, God has sent you,

Therefore, go and do not fear.

We should be about His business

Till He comes or all have heard.

We’re entrusted with His message.

Therefore, go and preach the Word.

There’s a work that He has given

That we cannot do above.

God is love, and He has sent us,

Therefore, go and go in love.

There are peoples, tribes, and nations.

Who will stand before the throne?

But they need to hear the gospel,

Therefore go, till Christ is known.

The Alliance Community

Christan Leadership Alliance is grateful for Krista Besselman and the entire Alliance Community, who stand ready to give their best and receive the best others offer. The Alliance’s mission is to equip and unite leaders called to transform the World for Christ. Here is how it works when we break it down!


We create spaces and places for nonprofit professionals across all levels of an organization to be trained by thought leaders, experts, and seasoned practitioners. The entire community stands ready and willing to invest their best in each other. We create resources and experience that build mission-critical competencies and expand leadership capacity. As a community, we contribute practical know-how, focus on eternal outcomes, and wrestle with the day’s issues while considering tomorrow’s opportunities. We increase capability with inspiration and application so that when God says go, we go fast.


We are a closely-knit community, a cohort of kindred spirits connected and united by our calling. We’re compelled by Christ’s example and convicted by our imperfections, yet confident in His grace. We strive together to become faithful agents of transformation. We desire to become better stewards of God’s promises to our fellow man. Whenever we gather, we expect to grow, be challenged, sharpen, and be sharpened for God’s purpose and glory.

Therefore, we go till Christ is known.



What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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