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The Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience - TRANSFORM

Work is God’s Gift to You By Tami Heim

Celebrate and Remember that Work is a Gift from God On this Labor Day, we share with you this profound message from Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership, The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary.  This session is from the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Conference that is currently happening now through September 30, 2020.…

Donor Acquisition is Urgent!

What If I Don’t Have the Funds to Invest in Donor Acquisition? By Wiley Stinnett

The Reality About New Donor Acquisition Since I don’t know of any free way to new donor acquisition, you’ve got a big challenge. Current Reality The Fundraising Effectiveness Project showed that on average, over half of your donors from last year will not give a gift again this year. That’s an industry average attrition rate…

CEO Succession Planning

Biblical Insights on CEO Succession By Dr. Gary G. Hoag

Biblical Insights on CEO Succession to Guide Christian Organizations Though the world of the Bible differed greatly from present times, we do find examples of succession that can inform CEO transitions today. For example, Numbers 27:15-23 offers three keen insights from the story of Moses and Joshua. And Moses said to the Lord, “May the…

The Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience August 30-September 30

The Global Digital Experience Begins!

The Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience Begins Now! Today, Christian Leadership Alliance launches its first ever  Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience. We’re passionate about equipping leaders worldwide to step into this moment with God-honoring excellence. To do so we’re building on the Christian thought leadership we’ve provided here in the U.S. for nearly 45 years…

Timeless generosity meets modern giving solutions.

Timeless Generosity Meets Modern Giving Solutions by Ray Gary

The Power of Modern Giving Solutions to Unlock Generosity As Christians and leaders, we’re steeped in the belief that giving to those around us and to the world at large is essential. As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of…

Stewarding our Relationships

Stewarding Your Interpersonal Relationships By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

A Call to Steward Well Your Interpersonal Relationships For me, interpersonal relationships are both rewarding and challenging, especially as a steward leader. Creating strong collaborations. Fostering trust and unity. Becoming open and inviting and curious. All of this encompasses what I understand good leadership to be. Steward Leadership These are essentials. Moving beyond good leadership…

Build a culture on trust!

Build Greater Organizational Trust – Now By Al Lopus

Trust Makes or Breaks an Organization’s Culture If you do not cultivate the kind of growing trust that produces enjoyment, unity and productivity, then your organization will slowly, steadily weaken from within. The alternative is a clear, logical path for growing a vibrant, grounded kind of organization that is now helping to transform hundreds of…

Building a culture on TRUST.

Build Your Culture on Trust By Al Lopus

  Three Commitments to Create and Sustain Trust At Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI), we have found three commitments outlined in Robert Shaw’s book, Trust in the Balance, Lead with Character In order to earn organizational trust, the leadership needs to fulfill their obligations and commitments. Promises and good intentions are not enough; trust requires…

Stewarding Family

Stewarding Family Relationships By Zenet Maramara

The Gift of Family Relationships All of a sudden, we find ourselves thrown together and experience different family dynamics at work. In this time of the Covid 19 quarantine, we are forced to stay with each at home. Some are learning how to relate anew with spouse, children, and other relatives. I like to offer…

Love - no matter what.

Love No Matter What (10 Ways) By David Sanford

How do you love no matter what? Have you ever winced upon learning that a board or staff member within your ministry is struggling? Even harder, does that individual appear to doubt some of what he or she used to believe about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Church, and the Christian faith? If so,…


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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