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Winning Goals – Part Two By Dr. Daniel Hallak

  The Heart of Winning Goals – Part Two Decades of research tells us that that goals are a powerful motivational force for winning. The deeper challenge is how to set the right goals and orient our hearts to put effort toward the things that matter most. When we set goals and take action, we…

Winning Goals – Part One By Dr. Daniel Hallak

The Heart of Winning Goals – Part One I’ve been failing at goal setting since my 6th birthday party. My parents created thoughtful birthday games to keep everyone entertained. We started with a round of pin the tail on the donkey in the yard. They surrounded me with my friends, spun me till I was…

Moses: Unselfish Leadership By Paul Swamidass

  Moses, the most unselfish leader and example. There was a tragic moment when Moses was conversing with God on Mount Sinai (Exodus 32). Moses was unaware that his brother and partner Aaron was enabling the worship of a freshly-cast golden calf at the foot of the mountain in defiance of God. God saw what…

Why Be Anxious? By Mark L. Vincent

There’s power in exchanging anxious for possibility! It was tempting to be anxious when a recent winter morning brought glare ice and inability to travel and honor some face-to-face appointments.  Coming back inside after a fruitless attempt to leave our driveway, we learned that not only was our internet out but our phone package did…

Avoid the Appearance of Wrongdoing By Lee Ellis

Avoid the Appearance of Wrongdoing – A Leader’s Reminder You’re in a work or ministry situation where it’s not necessarily wrong or improper, but the appearance of your activity or decision could mistakenly be construed as a wrongdoing. What do you do? Launch forward and accept the consequences or avoid the appearance of wrongdoing altogether?…

Lionel Mayell: Great Doors with Little Hinges By Ney Bailey

Did you know that great doors swing on little hinges? I’ve heard it said, “Great doors swing on little hinges’ and at 5’2″, Lionel Mayell was a “little hinge.” Lionel had a huge impact on Christianity in the last century (and into the present day)—perhaps more than anyone else. Lionel Mayell I choke up when…

Discover the different the Holy Spirit will make to your board governance.

The Holy Spirit and Board Governance By Dr. Gary Hoag

What difference does the Holy Spirit bring to board governance? Board members of Christ-centered churches and ministries face a great temptation. We can fall into the trap of ruling and controlling the work at a church or ministry, rather than serving as overseers of work that belongs to God. How do we avoid this pitfall?…

Increase SEO Value By DJ Chuang

  Six Steps To Increase SEO Value Of Your Nonprofit Website A lot has changed for the internet and search engine optimization (SEO), but there are some tried and true ways to increase your site’s rankings and bring you the traffic you need to grow. Here are six industry-proven steps you can incorporate today. Use…

A Pursuit of Lifelong Learning By W. Scott Brown

Are you dedicated to lifelong learning? Here at Christian Leadership Alliance we believe deeply in lifelong learning. That’s because we know it’s how you will best hone your skills to have lasting impact for Christ. That’s why we’re offering a dynamic lineup of in-depth, yet practical and biblically-based, learning experiences at The Outcomes Conference in Dallas,…

Pursue Your Treasure By Scott Rodin

Pursuing Your Treasure in 2019 When it comes to treasure, sometimes the shortest and simplest words of Jesus are the most profoundly challenging. Consider this well-known teaching of Jesus, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21) Your Pursuit As we begin 2019, it’s a good time to consider the treasure…


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