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Courageous Leadership is required for difficult times.

4 Courageous Ways to Lead By Lee Ellis

4 Courageous Ways to Lead with Honor in 2022 Consistently leading with honor can be challenging in good times but, in difficult times it requires a courageous heart.   We’ve lived with COVID almost two years now, and it’s ironic that the “Corona Virus” brings to mind the wisdom of an old expression about a phrase…

Time to close one door so another can opem.

It’s Time to Close the Door…

Are you ready to close the door so another one can open? As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on what God has done and what is to come. Your Alliance team is praying over you, your organizations and its sacred place in our worldwide community of Christian Leaders. We trust that…

Eternal Perspective on Time

The Investment of Time By Scott Rodin

An Eternal Perspective on Time Invested As we use these last days of 2021 to look back on how we invested our time in 2021 and look ahead to all that the new year might bring, I want to encourage us to assess our lives, our work, and our moment in history from an eternal…

Challenges that create Opportunitites

Challenges and Opportunities By Mark Dreistadt

CHALLENGES ALWAYS PRESENT NEW OPPORTUNITIES Highlighting challenges and opportunities, Infinity Concepts recently released a new research report: The Ripple Effect: Congregations, COVID, and the Future of Church Life. This report is the result of a research study conducted by Infinity Concepts and Grey Matter Research which included over 1000 American evangelical Protestants and examined the impact of…

God's Gift to Us

God’s Gift to Us

The Gift of God with Us During these days, we turn our thoughts and affections on God’s greatest gift to this world. We celebrate the gift of God with us. And we remember His birth and its place in God’s ultimate plan of redemption. John 1:11-14, KJV  He was in the world, and the world…


An Advent Reflection By Mark L. Vincent

An Advent Reflection for Steward Leaders The acts of worship in which we engage during Advent are also ways we remember. But what exactly are we remembering? Remembering Lorie White tulips were Lorie’s favorite flower. We had hundreds of long-stemmed ones at her standing-room-only memorial service that people could take home in her memory. She’s…

Givers and their Gifts

Givers and Their Gifts By Gary G. Hoag

Learning from the New Testament Givers and Their Gifts During the Christmas season our thoughts are on often on giving gifts. Rather than direct your attention to purchasing a home entertainment system, the latest name brand clothing or the newest toys for girls and boys, I want to shift our gaze from this century to…

The Christmas North Star

Seeing Christmas Clearly By Dr. Bob Snyder

Are you ready to see Christmas Clearly? There many different ways we can begin to see thing in life, like Christmas, more clearly In elementary school, my teacher scraped the surface of a table onto a slide and placed the slide under the microscope. Creatures and debris invisible to my eye were exposed by the…

Generous Culture

Developing a Generous Culture By Brian Kluth

A Generous Culture Has Generous Givers and Giving! To develop a generosity culture, it is important to understand these five spiritual practices that are needed to help grow generous givers and giving. 1 – INSTRUCT with Scriptures Generosity and financial teaching, particularly in a church should focus on the Bible – not the budget, bills,…

Give and Gratitude

The Gift and Gratitude By Ryan Stillwater

There’s Power Between the Gift and Gratitude At my childhood birthday parties, my anxious fingers longed for that table of gifts. My mother, on the other hand, would usually be taking diligent notes: What was I given? Who was it from? And she always had a stack of blank thank-you cards ready for me when…


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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