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Great communication is as simple as a text.

Create Great Communication and Leadership by Brian Audia

Discover The Elements Needed to Create Great Communication A key component to great leadership is great communication. Your organization’s success and the impact of the message you intend to communicate depends much on how well YOU strategize your communication internally and externally. Two elements needed to create great leadership communication are communicating with the right…

The Success Journey

Defining Success By Dr. Al Hearne II

How Do You Define Success? To lead, a person must have an inner desire to succeed. This inner desire drives them forward, helping them navigate the obstacles to achieve success. Yet success is hard to define because the definition changes based on the person, the industry, the project, or the task. Therefore, from start to…

Digging for Gold

Finding Gold in Manure By Alec Hill

Sometimes You Have to Dig Deep to Find Gold! People lose gold wedding rings in various locations – garbage disposals, bathroom sinks, and, yes, toilets. Suffice it to say. It is not a pleasant experience digging through refuse to find the gold. But we do so because the ring is of such great value. Similarly,…

A Perspective on Outcomes

The Priority of Our Outcomes By Larry Gadbaugh

The Significance of Outcomes As leaders we are judged by our outcomes. Our strategic plans, our metrics, our annual reports, all concentrate our attention on our outcomes. As people of faith, we recognize and embrace our Lord’s measurement: “By their fruits you shall know them.” ~ Matt 7:20 This is why we lead, manage, motivate,…

Lead and Live in Easter joy

What Do You Expect from Jesus? By Scott Rodin

Learn to Live and Lead in Easter Joy Easter Saturday morning Linda and I were having prayer and coffee on our deck, and we were discussing how this day was called Black Saturday by the ancient church. We wondered how the disciples must have felt, huddled in a secret room, scared, stunned, despondent. It occurred…

Getting your houses in order!

Put Your Houses in Order By Gary G. Hoag

God Expects our Houses to be in order! God cares that pastors and ministry administrators have their houses in order. How do we know this? Jesus put the temple in order twice. After performing His first miracle at the start of His ministry, we read about the first time in John 2:13-16. When it was…

Human Happiness and Flourishing

Happiness and Human Flourishing By Dr. Zenet Maramara

The Search for Happiness and Human Flourishing Throughout history, people and society have pursued happiness and well-being. The worldly (hedonic) definition of happiness consists of enjoying the pleasures of life and adding fun, joy, and excitement to everyday living. People buy and accumulate stuff to make themselves happy. They seek gratification, entertainment, or amusement to…

Broken leaders unveiled.

The Truth About Broken Leaders By Dr. Rob McKenna

Broken Leaders Aren’t Weird, They’re Unveiled If you’re like me, you like your car to be fixed when it gets dented. Few things drive me more crazy than a ding in the side of my truck. Call me materialistic or having OCD for it, but I don’t think I’m the only one who likes their…

Gratitude for Outcomes Conference 2023

Entrusted: Giving Thanks for Those Called to Serve

Thanks to All Who Invest Their Best in Others As we conclude the Outcomes Conference 2023, we give thanks to all those who invested their best for God’s glory and the advancement of his master plan. Collaboration is a core value of the Christian Leadership Alliance and we witnessed it fully expressed through this annual…

Global Digital Expeirence

Entrusted: Convene and Equip Leaders from Every Nation

An Invitation to Convene and Equip Global Christian Leaders This week over 1,000 Christian leaders are in Chicago to convene and equip at the Outcomes Conference 2023. Not only will they sharpen and be sharpened this week, they will choose to take a stand and pay forward the professional training they are experiencing this week.…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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