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Binding agents, pound cakes and leadership

Binding Us Together By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Binding With the Right Ingredients Shapes the Outcome Binding agents matter in baking cakes and leadership. I have a pound cake recipe in my baking collection that is my ‘go-to,’ ‘tried-and-true’ cake. Through the years, I’ve tried other cake recipes and even doctored up a few box cakes adding my spin. The pound cake remains.…

Realignment is a leader's work of art.

Realignment in Leadership By Larry Gadbaugh

Realignment in Leadership is Essential Realignment is an essential discipline for leaders. Especially coming through this season of moral, cultural, economic, political, and ideological upheaval. It’s Necessary Realignment is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. Especially when we’re constantly running into potholes and hitting road debris. We recently took our car in for an alignment.…

The Outcomes Conference 2023

Announcing Outcomes Conference 2023 Learning Experiences! By W. Scott Brown

Register for The Outcomes Conference 2023 by Oct. 31 to Save! We are excited to announce the learning experiences for The Outcomes Conference 2023. Are you a leader committed to your lifelong growth as a leader Would you like to hone your skills and address key trends influencing Christian nonprofits today? Do you want to…

Time go become an adaptive leader and discover a new way to lead!

Be An Adaptive Leader By Lee Ellis

You can learn to be an adaptive leader! How many times over the last year did you hear this from others? If there ever was a time during which you’ve had to adapt in ministry, it’s been the last 24 months. Let’s continue talking about it from a different angle that I think you’ll appreciate.…

Christian Leadership Alliance

Consulting and The Informed Choice By Mark L. Vincent

Discover the Power in Process Consulting In recent years the work of Ed Schein began to distinguish between the expertise and knowledge often plied as the trade of consulting, and the more iterative method of bringing curiosity and co-creating the needed work with the Client.  What is now known as the field of Process Consulting…

One Main Thing

Defining The “Main Thing” By R. Scott Rodin

The Importance of Knowing Your Main Thing “The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing” was a saying framed in the entry of a church I recently visited. Good words, easy to say but hard to do. I’d propose that the first step for leaders is to define our ‘main thing’.…

Maestro-level leader cohort launches for CLA!

Maestro-Level Leaders Launch By Mark L. Vincent

It is Maestro-Level Leader Cohort Launch Week for CLA! This week Maestro-level leaders and Christian Leadership Alliance launch a cohort of accomplished executives in the Third Turn of the leadership. This cohort experience has been a long time in development, and we couldn’t be more excited. Future Focus Maestro-level leaders who are facing into the future and…

The Broken Bessings.

When the Blessing Breaks By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

What happens when the blessing breaks? What happens when the blessing breaks? Broken open. Exposed. The tearing of the crust. Soft and tender bread was revealed—the promise of all we need for nourishment and healing.  We come to the table like His followers long ago, remembering His sacrifice, partaking in His promise, and receiving His…

Community 30-day Devotional

An Invitation to Community, Belonging, and Learning By Tami Heim

The Community Where a Christian Leader Like You, BELONGS! From September 1 – October 31, 2022, the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is equipping and uniting Christian leaders worldwide through an online learning community experience.  It is called the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience and the theme of this year’s experience is, “I Belong.”  If you…

Fall Term 2022 - CCNL required and electives!

Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader – Fall Term is Almost Here!

Fall Term CCNL Courses are Ready for You! This Fall term, Christian Leadership Alliance offers 10-week courses that enable nonprofit leaders the opportunity to earn credits for the Credential Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) Program. This term we offer a required course and an online elective to help you achieve the CCNL distinction. Hosted on the…


 What is Christian Leadership Alliance?

Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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