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Al Lopus

Al Lopus

Executive Leadership (Ministry)


Al Lopus, co-founder, and Board Chair of the Best Christian Workplaces (BCW), brings a distinctive blend of expertise, vision, and passion to the realm of organizational health within Christian-based environments. He is author of the book Road to Flourishing: Eight Keys to Boost Employee Engagement and Well-being and hosts The Flourishing Culture Leadership Podcast.

With an extensive background in leadership assessment, workplace culture development, and employee engagement strategies, Al has dedicated over two decades to helping organizations thrive by fostering environments of respect, trust, and alignment with Christian values. His pioneering work in creating metrics and methodologies specifically tailored for Christian organizations sets him apart as uniquely qualified to assess and advise executive leaders for Christian non-profits. His commitment to integrating faith with best workplace practices ensures that his approach is both spiritually grounded and operationally effective, making him an invaluable asset to any organization aiming to enhance its impact and workplace culture.