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Guidelines for Submissions

Topical Categories

  • Board Governance
  • Executive Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • Resource Development
  • Financial Management
  • Risk & Legal
  • People Management & Care
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Internet & Technology

Submission Guidelines

  • Prepare your post in a Word document.
  • Include your working title. Shorter is better. It may be modified to maximize SEO.
  • CLA will include an H2 subtitle.
  • It is best to include a keyword from your title in the first sentence of your post.
  • CLA  staff will not professionally edit or proof your post but may make minor adjustments to maximize SEO.
  • If you include an image for consideration, please include attribution. Images may or may not be used based on the discretion of the CLA staff.
  • Provide a two-sentence bio with any appropriate URLs so your name and place of employment may be linked. The name in your bio will be used with the post title.
  • The recommended length is 400 – 750 words.

Other Reminders

Please fact-check your submission. If you include information that is not common knowledge or includes statistics, cite your sources. When using quotes, include the appropriate attribution.

We welcome all submissions that are original works. If your post is selected, you will be notified when it will publish.

Attach posts and submit them via email to

Thank you for your contribution to higher thinking for greater Kingdom outcomes.